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Meeting Packages

Planning and executing a valuable meeting while adhering to a budget within reason is the goal of every meeting planner. For them, Marriott offers the Complete Meeting Package. Read below for our all-in-one package pricing.
No Surprises
The Complete Meeting Package (CMP) covers everything. It simplifies budgeting. It saves time. And, what’s more, CMP frees you to focus on what you do best—planning the agenda, the sessions, the speakers, and the schedule. Nothing slips through the cracks. Best of all, with Marriott's CMP prices, there are no surprises, no unexpected final costs. We give you an easy-to-understand, up-front estimate based on per- person/per-day prices. It’s meeting planning at its finest!

The CMP includes:

• Overnight accommodations
• Three meals daily
• Continuously replenished daily refreshment breaks
• State-of-the-art meeting room(s)
• Standard audiovisual equipment & technical support
• A dedicated professional conference services manager
• All service charges  

All in all, it’s what you’d expect from the industry’s meeting planning experts  

Use the chart below to verify for yourself the real value of Marriott’s CMP.
Amenities Marriott Conference Centers Complete Meeting Package Typical Resort
Guest Accommodations Included Included
Continuous refreshment breaks Included Extra
State-of-the-art conference room(s) Included Extra
Conference services manager Included Extra
Fitness center Included Extra
Service charges Included Extra
Three meals daily Included Extra
Standard AV Equipment & Technical Services Included Extra