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Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa

1800 Newtown Pike · Lexington, Kentucky 40511 USA

Griffin Gate Golf Club

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Course Overview

With ample bunkers guarding every green, water in play on 12 of 18 holes and few flat putts, golfers will enjoy this unique course at the Griffin Gate Golf Club located in the heart of Bluegrass Country.  

Environmental Progams

Griffin Gate Golf Club is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, which enable golf facilities to protect the environment by enhancing precious natural areas and wildlife habitats.


As part of the course’s environmental stewardship efforts, Griffin Gate Golf has implemented a variety of programs, highlighted by the creation of bat boxes, blue-bird houses, and a butterfly garden throughout the property.


Additionally, twenty-five blue bird houses were strategically positioned around the property to encourage blue birds -- which are becoming rare to the area -- to reestablish their species in the region.  A butterfly habitat was also developed in a native flower garden, encouraging butterflies to nest in a comfortable environment.


Moreover, Griffin Gate worked in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to build wildlife corridors, ultimately offering wildlife the protection to move freely in specific areas on the property.

Course Information

For details on each hole of our course, view our scorecard

Griffin Gate Golf Club