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JW Marriott® Hotels

Approachable Luxury

Whether in centers of business or settings of scenic beauty, JW Marriott’s expanding portfolio of properties spans the globe to serve a truly worldly set of travelers. The opportunity for growth rests on JW’s differentiated offering in the luxury hotel market. The brand is elegant yet approachable – drawing in travelers who are unimpressed by extravagance. JW has the opportunity to bridge the gap between full service hotel brands and the super luxury brands at the top of the tier. By owning approachable luxury, JW can grow and further distinguish itself in the category.

The Brand Benefit: Refined features, services and attention to detail

JW Marriott provides uncompromising, understated luxury at every turn.


The Guest Profile: The Accomplished

  • Sophisticated, self-assured travelers who seek a hotel experience that embodies confident sophistication without pretense
  • Know that devotion to work must be balanced by indulgence in life’s rewards
  • Quality of experiences and possessions matters to them, not quantity
  • Value authenticity and expect highly crafted experiences that are anticipatory and artfully delivered


Core Values

  • Authentic: simple elegance, reflective of property’s surroundings
  • Crafted: exceptional experiences created with care and precision
  • Intuitive: expertly edited luxury service


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Global distribution(1) Units Rooms
Open 65 28,050
Pipeline 48 18,241



(1) Source: Marriott internal database. Global distribution figures represent open properties and pipeline projects as of 2nd Quarter 2014.