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Architecture & Construction

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Marriott®'s Architecture and Construction Division (A&C) is a global resource dedicated to assuring brand integrity and optimizing product performance. With six global offices and fluency in 14 languages, A&C is staffed to handle millions of dollars in hotel construction, conversions and renovations annually. A&C's services include:

Design and Construction

Available to all Marriott brands, A&C handles issues surrounding architecture and interior design, project management, engineering, estimating and feasibility, and procurement. A&C's experienced design professionals provide prototypical design schemes, advise on custom packages, and help you adapt your vision to fit unique building types. A&C can also help you find an experienced firm to develop your project, providing guidance on cost-effectiveness and meeting guests' expectations.

New Designs and New Concepts

A&C invests considerable resources in the development of new room designs and concepts. Working closely with the Franchise and Owner Advisory Committees, A&C combines new design approaches with innovative product ideas.


Delivering superior products at superior prices, A&C's procurement team brings you the benefits that come with your Marriott partnership – economies of scale and strong supplier relationships that improve cost-efficiencies.

Working for You

A&C's centralized structure fosters proactive, responsive communication and timely results. As problem-solvers, the team researches the best products at the best prices, negotiates with suppliers and warehousing services, and works with you to help deliver affordably on the Marriott-brand promise.