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Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Event Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing – especially when it knocks your meeting out of the ballpark by delivering effective, efficient and on-demand communication for your attendees. Our Nashville, Tennessee convention center was built from the ground up with your technology needs in mind.

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Plug Into Results

Our entire 700,000 square feet of flexible meeting space is wired with a Cat5E, switched Ethernet network with a dedicated DS3 connection to the Internet. The network allows for complex networking solutions within the hotel meeting space as well as Internet connections up to 800 times faster than standard dial up. It is more stable and less expensive than temporary networks without the associated lead time. Gaylord Opryland also can provide wireless Internet access—anytime, anywhere throughout the hotel.

Make Connections that Matter

Gaylord Hotels' expertise in the meetings and conventions arena is unrivaled, and our in-house team of technical professionals brings all that experience to bear on your Nashville event. They're available pre-function to answer any questions and help determine your audio/visual, Internet and telecommunication needs. Once you're on site, they'll make sure your meeting is as technologically flawless as possible, from setup to breakdown.

At Gaylord Opryland, you get hassle-free technology solutions so your attendees stay plugged-in, connected and productive during your meeting. And you get the peace of mind that comes from having a technology partner who anticipates and delivers on your every need.

Service Solutions

Our dedicated DS3 circuit provides speeds up to 800 times faster than standard modem connections and 350 times faster than ISDN. The DS3 is dedicated to the meeting space and is not shared with guest rooms. The circuit is always on eliminating the risk of delays associated with setting up a temporary solution. The network is remotely monitored 24 hours per day seven days per week to eliminate trouble before it affects your program.

A permanently hard-wired Cat5E, switched Ethernet network supports the DS3 circuit. Internal LAN speed is 100 Mbps with 10/100 Mbps hardware. The network assigns routable IP addresses through DHCP. There is no server or proprietary software on property. We in no way filter data or prevent VPN connections. No portals or advertising are employed.

All that is needed is either an Ethernet ready computer, network interface card and, if necessary, an RJ45 network cable adapter or a computer that has TCP/IP installed and is set for DHCP. Simply plug your Ethernet ready computer into one of our network ports (RJ45 Jack) and launch your preferred browser. There are no long distance telephone or access charges and no busy signals or dropped connections. You get unlimited daily access for one flat fee.

Communication Services

We provide a range of telephone equipment and service options including:

  • Private Lines: These phones are direct inward dial. You may dial out direct on this line and there is no service charge on local calls, but the long-distance calls will be billed to them approximately 45-60 days after the removal date. The standard instrument consists of an ivory touch-tone desk set. Other styles are available upon request at an additional charge.
  • Optional Equipment: We can provide your group with long cords, headsets, speakerphones, etc., at a minimal charge.
  • Fully Restricted Service: With this service, you can originate and receive in-house calls only. No outside calls can be originated through the Hotel Operator, although outside calls can be received.
  • Semi-Restricted Service: With this service, you can originate and receive in-house calls and may originate and receive outside calls through the Hotel operator.
  • Toll-Restricted Service: With this service, you may originate local outside calls as well as in-house calls, and place long distance calls through the Hotel operators.
  • Unrestricted Service: With this service, you may receive and originate in-house, local, and long-distance calls without operator assistance. This service is the type normally provided, unless otherwise specified.