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Crystal Gateway Marriott

1700 Jefferson Davis Highway · Arlington, Virginia 22202 USA

Crystal Gateway Marriott

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Inspiring the World through Green Meetings

Marriott International aspires to be the global leader that demonstrates how responsible hospitality management can be a positive force for the environment, and create economic opportunities around the world and in the communities where we work and live.

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

  • Replace light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs
  • Low-flow showerheads and toilets
  • Introduced water/energy saving linen program
  • Operates the most ENERGY STAR®-certified properties in the industry, as part of Marriott’s portfolio of brands Involves its global workforce in eco-volunteerism

Meetings & Events

  • 100% recycled note pads
  • Pens made from recycled materials
  • Eco-friendly water service
  • Meeting room recycling, where available
  • Online event menus
  • Organic flowers (upon request)
  • America’s Second Harvest, where available
  • Recyclable box lunch program
  • Paperless billing

Crystal Gateway Marriott 

  • Office paper, plastic and glass is recycled
  • Recycle bins located in the foyer areas, and are available for meeting areas
  • Taylor’s of Harrogate fair-trade tea on every coffee break
  • Buffet tables are Southern Aluminum, which are made from recycled materials
  • All plastic bottles and cans from breaks are recycled
  • Recycled materials used in the kitchen
  • Paperless billing
  • Paperless menus
  • Whiteboards are available for meetings
  • Meetings use only post-consumer recycled paper
  • Water-conserving 1.6 pgf toilets in all guest rooms
  • Sensors and water-conserving faucets in all public restrooms
  • Purified water stations in foyer areas
  • Florescent lighting throughout meeting areas
  • Recyclable cups from post-consumer paper at Starbucks


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