CUIT Bar & Lounge

CUIT Bar & Lounge is an intriguing concept of classic and signature cocktails, complemented with traditional Spanish ‘Platillos,’ to which our chef has added a modern twist. With its unique design, based on Catalan famous architectures, and the indigenous culinary experience, CUIT Bar & Lounge is the place to unwind and taste some of the local flavors!


We only use the very best ingredients for our creations. Try the Ravioli filled with “botifarra de perol’’sausage, apple and roasted corn sauce or the “Rossejat“ in filo with rosemary aioli, to name just a few.


Cuit Bar & Lounge Menu

CUIT Cocktails

CUIT, meaning "cooked" in Catalan, is the perfect name for the place where new and inspired cocktails are ”cooked up” every night. Our experienced bartenders are on hand to mix your perfect cocktail.


Cuit Cocktail Menu


Cuit Gin & Tonic Menu

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