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Senior Sous Chef Reinhold Heller

Chef Reinhold Heller is senior sous chef at the Broadway Lounge and Crossroads American Kitchen & Bar at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. His refreshing cooking style is reflected in American favorites and New York City-inspired dishes that are featured at these newly renovated restaurants and lounges in one of the busiest neighborhoods in the world. 


A native of Germany with more than 20 years of experience, Reinhold began his training there, where he was born and raised. His early experience in the kitchen was as a child, with his mother who inspired him. Reinhold’s family owned a farm in Germany, which greatly influenced his sense of seasonal cooking. Today, he and his wife enjoy preparing simple, healthy foods at home and appreciate the convenience of shopping at the nearby Union Square Greenmarket.


Reinhold’s diverse background includes stints at several restaurants and cruise ship companies in Europe. He also enjoyed a 14-year tenure in Bermuda, highlighted by seven years at the exclusive Lantana Hotel, where he served as executive chef for the hotel’s two restaurants. Upon moving to New York City in 1999, Reinhold held positions as personal chef, executive chef and then, in July 2006, joined the New York Marriott Marquis team as sous chef at The View Restaurant.


Chef Heller and his wife are both avid runners and met through this shared activity. In his free time, Reinhold enjoys his work as a speed running coach for the New York Roadrunners Club. As someone who loves food, this is the perfect outlet for him. “I eat a lot, but I am the same weight I was 25 years ago,” he says. Reinhold has run the New York City Marathon 13 times, once placing 2,500 out of 36,000 runners. He leads an overall active and healthy lifestyle and enjoys golfing, skiing and being outdoors.


What Reinhold enjoys most about being a chef is giving the customer a great dining experience.  He loves to engage with customers and discover what they are really enjoying about the food.   When visiting Chef Reinhold Heller’s restaurant and lounge, keep an eye out for him, for he is sure to be spotted mingling with guests.



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