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Specializing in Texas Hill Country cooking, it incorporates the diverse culture of the region, its German smokehouse and Artisan Heritage. With its connection to nearby Mexico, Cibolo Moon creates a unique dining experience that is quintessential San Antonio.

Wine on Tap

As part of our new wine list, Cibolo Moon is now serving wine on tap! We are very proud to be serving wine in this unique and innovative manner, and to be one of only a handful of restaurants in the country serving wine on tap. The wine is stored in re-usable wine casks in a specialized refrigeration system with a nitrogen tank which keeps the wine always fresh and ready to drink.


We are especially proud of the green factor associated with serving wine on tap, and it is another green initiative to add to the many among our Resort. The wine goes straight from aging in oak barrels, to a specialized cask, and to the restaurant. One wine cask holds the equivalent of 26 bottles, but at a fraction of the weight. That means fewer pounds to ship, less gas to burn, and less trucks on the road. Skipping all the excess packaging (corks, capsules, labels and cases) means less manufacturing, less printing, less bottling, less boxes, and less to recycle. The carbon footprint of that glass of wine goes way down.


The wines we are serving are Silvertap Merlot and Chardonnay. Both are quality wines with grapes sourced from the Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys in Sonoma County, California, home to some of the country's best wines. The Merlot, aged in French and American oak, offers rich aromas of plum and blackberry with flavors of currant and cherry, making it an approachable, fruit forward wine. The Chardonnay, aged in all French Oak, offers inviting scents of lemon meringue and fig. The creamy richness is paired with lively acidity, finishing with flavors of crisp apple and caramel.


Both wines are offered for $7 per glass, a wonderful deal.
Please note that these are both tasty, quality wines from Sonoma, and should not be associated with inexpensive "box wines." We are especially excited to offer these wines, and we're confident that the green factor will make a great talking point with our accomplished guests. Feel free to come out to Cibolo Moon and have a look at our new wine system, so that we can pass the word along!


Whether it's a dry rub on beef ribs, savory brisket, baby back ribs that fall off the bone, bison meatloaf or our Texas style Pit beans, you will love our iconic Hacienda or Ranch House kitchen. Our chefs at Cibolo Moon have BBQ down to an art.


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