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India Hotels
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India Hotels

From the bustling city life in Mumbai to the quaint colonial fishing villages in Kochi, India boasts a wide variety of destinations awaiting exploration.

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From the classical arts preserved in the South to the Asia-influenced East and the northern region’s rich Hindu heritage peppered with western influences, India offers the diversity travelers crave. You can take in religious monuments that have stood for thousands of years and cutting-edge displays of technology within minutes of each other while you stay at our hotels in India.

In New Delhi, one of the larger cities, our hotels make it possible for you to visit sites like the Red Fort by day and then delve into a dazzling array of lounges and clubs by night. Or you travel between India’s more traditional, small villages, where you’re likely to receive a warm welcome from villagers, and quite possibly be invited to help with the planting of rice or indulge in a meal. Safaris are popular among travelers, and you can even consider making the trek by camel or elephant.

Many visitors arrive in our Marriott hotels in India with a sole destination in mind: the Taj Mahal. And while this legendary site is inarguably breathtaking, guests soon find that there’s much more to see and do. Whether you seek food, music, scenery or history, India is brimming with unique experiences for all your senses.

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