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Maine Hotels

No matter the season, you'll enjoy the scenic outdoors, fresh lobster, hunting, fishing and whale watching during your stay at one of our Maine hotels.

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They don’t call it “Vacationland” for nothing. Native Mainers hold dogged affection for their home state with good cause. From the ancient fishing villages of its splendid coast to the lush stillness of its deep North Woods, New England’s largest state is an engaging mix of scenery, history, and fun.

Uncommon natural beauty is the foremost of Maine’s allures. Its quaint yet rugged coastline boasts some of the most extraordinary scenery to be found in North America. Stunning in contrast are the mountains and woods of Maine’s interior, making the state a center of mind-blowing foliage each fall.

Jam-packed with National Historic Landmarks, “Vacationland” is also educational. Historic sites abound, likely within shouting distance of your Maine hotel. You’ll find no shortage of unique things to do, like whale watching at the coast or moose and bear hunting in the interior of Maine.

Hotel guests should take on a dog-sled race in historic Fort Kent, gateway to the 3.5-million-acre North Maine Woods. Then, explore the artsy fishing village of Rockland, named America’s “#2 coolest small town.” Stroll Portland’s storied Old Port neighborhood and feast on Maine lobster fresh off the moored trawlers. And don't forget to ttry out the "official state treat," whoopee pie, or a nice slice of fresh, wild blueberry pie during your visit.

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