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Pennsylvania Hotels
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Pennsylvania Hotels

Whether enjoying the serenity of the Pocono Mountains or exploring the vibrant nightlife of Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania offers something for every traveler.

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1-20 118 Hotels
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In this home of the Delaware River and the Liberty Bell, travelers to our Pennsylvania hotels will discover a state that offers adventure, sophisticated cities and rich American history.

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, was the site of the Continental Congress and signing of Declaration of Independence. Set out from your Pennsylvania accommodations and see Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House in this historic city. Don’t forget to pause and savor an authentic Philly cheese steak sandwich and visit top-rated restaurants, or take a trip to Reading Terminal Market.

Pittsburgh offers both a window to modern art at the Andy Warhol Museum and sports action with the Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins, along with stunning views from Mount Washington. The Pittsburgh Zoo is the perfect family-friendly attraction when you’re visiting.

Outdoor adventurers can head to the Pocono Mountains for hiking and fishing, not to mention skiing. Nearby Lake Erie also has multiple options for play. If you’re planning a trip to Erie, PA, check out Presque Isle State Park. And history-lovers can follow Underground Railroad routes or visit the Battle of Gettysburg site.

Then, for a taste of the past (and home-cooked cuisine), guests in our Pennsylvania hotels should visit Lancaster County, one of the largest Amish settlements in the US. Often referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch Country, this area is the place to go for carriage rides, an Amish Farm and House tour and scenic drives along ample farmlands.

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