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Hotels in Romania
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Top Hotels in Romania

Enjoy strolling through unforgettable historic sites, beautiful scenic drives, and shopping and dining in Big Square during your stay at our Romania hotels.

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JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Guest rating 4.5   292 Reviews
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Romania is located on the Black Sea, just north of the Balkan Peninsula. There are plenty of things to do in Romania for any type of visitor. Start in the country’s capital of Bucharest with its medieval and neo-classical neighborhoods. Don’t miss the Palace of the Parliament and the Romanian Athenaeum. From here, head to one of the many historic towns sprinkled around the country. Some of the most popular are Brașov in south-eastern Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca with its university feel and Sibiu with its well-preserved historical sites.

While staying at hotels in Romania, don’t miss the chance to marvel at some stunning castles. One of the most famous is the Bran Castle, also referred to as the Home of Count Dracula. Among the top Romania attractions are the outdoors activities available throughout the country.

In the summer, head to the many resorts located on the Black Sea, with one of the most renowned being Mamaia. Meanwhile, in the winter, there are plenty of ski resorts in the Carpathian Mountains and in the Transylvanian Alps, such as Sinaia, Predeal, Poiana Brașov, and Vatra Dornei. Don’t miss out on trying local foods either, such as cabbage rolls, smoked bacon, pork feast, and delicious wines.

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