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USA Hotels
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USA Hotels

From East to West, and everything in between, there are nearly 4,000 USA hotels and resorts across this vast country.

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1-20 4103 Hotels
Courtyard Aberdeen at Ripken Stadium
Guest rating 4.2   279 Reviews
Courtyard Abilene Northeast
Guest rating 4.7   135 Reviews
Courtyard Abilene Southwest/Abilene Mall South
Guest rating 4.1   305 Reviews
Courtyard Dallas Addison/Midway
Guest rating 4.5   319 Reviews
Guest rating 4.4   396 Reviews
Courtyard Akron Downtown
Guest rating 4.6   211 Reviews
Courtyard Akron Fairlawn
Guest rating 4.5   171 Reviews
Courtyard Albany
Guest rating 4.4   245 Reviews
Courtyard Albany Airport
Guest rating 4.5   237 Reviews
Courtyard Albany Thruway
Guest rating 4.5   216 Reviews
Albany Marriott
Guest rating 4.3   466 Reviews
Courtyard Albuquerque
Guest rating 4.1   420 Reviews
Courtyard Albuquerque Airport
Guest rating 4.4   291 Reviews
Albuquerque Marriott
Guest rating 4.2   509 Reviews
Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North
Guest rating 4.1   500 Reviews
Courtyard Alexandria
Guest rating 4.4   281 Reviews
Courtyard Alexandria Old Town/Southwest
Guest rating 4.3   390 Reviews
Courtyard Alexandria Pentagon South
Guest rating 4.1   448 Reviews
Courtyard Dallas Allen at the John Q. Hammons Center
Guest rating 4.5   530 Reviews
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United States

The United States offers something for every type of traveler, from business visitors, to tourists and families on a weekend getaway. City lovers can explore New York’s urban neighborhoods, unwind in Las Vegas's casinos or discover the nation’s heritage and history in Washington D.C. Those who prefer being closer to nature can marvel at the Grand Canyon, hike through the Yellowstone National Park, or raft down the Colorado River. Visitors looking for a beach getaway can surf in the coastal towns of South California, shop and chill on Miami’s strip, or soak in the sun in Waikiki. Families will also find an abundance of things to do in the United States. From theme parks like Walt Disney and Legoland to camping in the great outdoors, kids will lovethe United States attractions.Food lovers won’t be disappointed either. Taste delicious lobster in Maryland, succulent southern food in New Orleans, fusion delights in Seattle, or visit the world-famous Napa Valley wineries and Oregon Breweries. Still wonderingwhat to do in the United States?There are limitless options to choose from, whether you are looking for an active outdoors holiday, shopping for top brands, learning more about art and history or catching some waves.

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