4165 Proton Drive, Addison, Texas 75001 USA
+1 972-490-7390

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Courtyard Marriott Addison Midway
Addison Hotels
Front Desk
Courtyard Addison Midway
Hotel Addison TX
Outdoor Patio & Fire Pit

Guest Rooms

Hotel in Addison TX
King Guest Room
Addison TX Hotel
Double/Double Guest Room
Hotel Addison
Guest Bathroom


Galleria Hotel Dallas
Suite - Living Area

Services & Amenities



Hotels near Galleria Dallas
Business Center


Dallas Galleria Hotel
The Bistro - Dining Area
Dallas Galleria Hotel
The Bistro - Bar
Bistro Signature Starbucks® Latte
Bistro Breakfast Sandwich
Skillet Meatballs
Green Goddess Chicken BLT
Black Cherry Old Fashioned

Recreation & Fitness

Hotels near Carrollton TX
Outdoor Pool
Hotels near Addison Park Circle
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Galleria Hotel Dallas
Addison Circle
Addison Restaurant
Addison Art Piece & Fountain
Hotels near the Galleria Dallas
DFW Airport
Restaurants in Addison TX
State Fair Ferris Wheel
Courtyard Marriott Addison
Southern Methodist University
Event Venue Dallas
Texas Flag
Meeting Rooms in Addison
Dallas Skyline
Dallas Courthouse – Grassy Knoll
Dallas Courthouse – Grassy Knoll
Dealy Plaza Dallas TX
Dealey Plaza
Texas Star
Texas Star

Events & Meetings

Meeting Rooms in Addison Texas
Longhorn Boardroom
Addison Texas Hotel Meeting Room
Addison Meeting Room – Classroom Setup

Courtyard® by Marriott® Dallas Addison/Midway