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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I lose my Award?

Paper Awards are not replaceable if lost, stolen, destroyed, or expired. Plastic and eTravelCards, if registered on, can be replaced.

Can I earn Marriott Rewards points with my Stay Award?

No, you are not able to earn Marriott Rewards points on the portion of your stay covered with your Stay Award. Marriott Rewards members earn Marriott Rewards points for applicable incidental charges incurred during your stay. Join Marriott Rewards if you’re not a member.



Do Incentive Awards have expiration dates?

TravelCards have no expiration date. All other Incentive Awards have a 15 month expiration date from the time of purchase.

Does the full value of the TravelCard need to be redeemed at once?

The Marriott TravelCard is designed to carry a balance. For this reason, any value that is not redeemed on a single use will remain on the TravelCard to be applied to a future use. For Marriott Cheques however, no change will be given back for the unused portion.

How can I check my Marriott TravelCard Balance?

You’ll need to register your card at Once registered, balances may be checked and if the card is lost, it will be replaced.

Where may I find the list of properties where my Stay Award is valid?

You can visit for a complete list. 


Where can I locate my Stay Award number or name?

The Stay Award number and name is provided on the front of the Award certificate. If an eIncentive is ordered, this information is provided within the order confirmation email. If you can’t locate your email or Award certificate, please contact the provider of your Award.

Why am I required to provide my credit card number to reserve a Stay Award reservation?

Every Marriott reservation must be secured via credit card. A credit card is also required at check-in to cover the cost of incidentals such as long distance calls and meals. The cost of the room stay will be covered by your valid Award and not charged to your credit card.

How do I modify an already existing reservation so that the cost of the stay is covered by my Award?

To make changes online to an existing reservation, select the “modify” link in the reservation confirmation email that you received. If you can’t modify your reservation, call Marriott Individual Incentives Reservations at 1-800-899-7235.

If I need to cancel my reservation, how should I do so?

To cancel a Stay Award certificate reservation, please contact your hotel as each property may have a specific cancelation policy. You can also call Marriott’s Global Reservations at 1-888-236-2427 or visit the cancelation page on to cancel your reservation.