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Elite Buy Back Offer

For a limited time, you can buy back your Elite status for 2015 using points you may have already earned.

Here's your special rate

Until April 1, 2015, you can retain your status at an exclusive rate:

  • Buy back your Platinum status – only 40,000 points
  • Buy back your Gold status – only 25,000 points
  • Buy back your Silver status – only 7,500 points



Here's how to get it
  • Email Marriott Rewards® with your name and Rewards number, and specify one of the options listed at the left.


  • Simply call Guest Services at 1-800-321-7396 and tell them you’d like to buy back your status.

Just be sure to do it by April 1, 2015 to enjoy your Elite benefits worldwide.

If you don’t have enough points in your account, you can always buy up to 50,000 points every year. This offer is valid through April 1, 2015 and allows only one level of buyback, which must match the Elite level you enjoyed in 2014. All Marriott Rewards program terms and conditions apply. Once your status has been reinstated for 2015, you can see your updated mobile Elite membership card in the Marriott app.