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Redeeming at The Ritz-Carlton

Use Points at The Ritz-Carlton

As a Rewards member, you now can redeem points for stays at The Ritz-Carlton hotels worldwide, where you can embark on a journey of discovery – from exploring an exotic destination to indulging in a world-class spa or playing a legendary golf course.

Use Points for Complimentary Nights

Each of The Ritz-Carlton hotels is associated with a specific tier
based on the location and the services and amenities it offers.
The Hotel Tier determines the number of points required for a
complimentary night. 

PointSavers at The Ritz-Carlton

PointSavers allows you to use fewer points for complimentary
nights. Members can save up to 33% in points, depending on
the hotel tier and the number of nights requested.

Use Points for Room Upgrades

You can use your points to upgrade to a larger room with a
preferred view at The Ritz-Carlton hotels worldwide. While
most rooms require only one upgrade reward per night, some
hotels require two or more upgrade rewards per night,
depending on the view or room type.

Travel Packages

Use your points for one of our 7-night Hotel + Air packages