The Spa at Desert Springs

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

74-855 Country Club Drive · Palm Desert, California 92260 USA

  • +1-800-255-0848
  • Appointment is Required

The Spa at Desert Springs

  • +1-800-255-0848
  • Appointment is Required

Massage Options

Bamboo Ritual


This soothing and therapeutic massage uses warm lemongrass oil along with bamboo sticks and hand to body touch. Combining gentle strokes and holistic techniques this massage melts away tension and soothes sore muscles creating an unrivaled experience.

60 minutes - $160




The ideal massage to combat stress, the Swedish massage uses of long, rhythmic strokes improves circulation and induces relaxation.

30 minutes - $85 | 60 minutes - $150| 90 minutes - $210


Custom Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is the art and science of creating wholeness and balance through essential oils extracted from plants. We combine the benefits of aromatics with the soothing sense of touch to reduce stress and increase energy. This is a light and gentle massage.

30 minutes - $85 | 60 minutes - $150 | 90 minutes - $210


Back On Your Feet


Treat your feet to an experience like no other. Your therapist will begin by massaging your feet with an exfoliating date scrub, followed by an application of kukui nut oil and date crème. Warm paraffin booties add moisture to dry, overworked feet. While your feet are resting, lie back, relax and enjoy a scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Reflexology completes this ultimate foot treatment.

60 minutes - $160


Desert Hot Stone


An ancient Native American art that uses heated basalt stones to massage the body. Muscle tension is dissolved as the healing warmth of the stones and warm cactus flower oil penetrates the body for an incredibly relaxing experience.

60 minutes - $160


Deep Tissue


This firm massage will release tension, blockages and knots and relive muscular tension and spasms due to stress, work or athletic activities.

60 minutes - $165




This ancient Eastern application of pressure point massage on specific reflex zones of the feet will improve circulation, ease pain and benefit all parts of the body.

30 minutes - $89 | 60 minutes - $160


Therapeutic Sport


Compression and cross-fiber friction techniques are used to warm and loosen muscles, along with stretches.

60 minutes - $165




Designed to give special relief to the mother-to-be. Enjoy a comforting and soothing experience during this period of change.

60 minutes - $150


Couple's Relaxing Massage


Whether you partner with a friend or loved one, this massage experience allows you to enjoy one another's company side by side while each receiving a Swedish massage in a specially designed couple's room. You may upgrade your massage for the difference in cost.

RATES ARE PER PERSON; 60 minutes - $150 | 90 minutes - $210 

THERAPEUTIC: 60 minutes - $165 | 90 minutes - $225


Back, Neck & Shoulder


This back, neck and shoulder massage, relieves discomfort in areas where stress and tension impact our bodies.

*Restrictions may apply.

30 minutes - $99


Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage


This soothing massage works to release tension in the head, neck and shoulder. The perfect remedy for headaches and stress relief.

30 minutes - $85

Enhancement Options

Add on an extra special touch to your spa experience.


Warm Stones


Basalt stones radiate heat deep into the muscles to loosen and relieve deep set tension and stress. $20


Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage


Ideal for fatigue or jet lag, this treatment stimulates circulation, clears the mind and nourishes the scalp and hair. $20


Muscle & Joint Relief


Arnica Muscles and Joint cream reduces joint and muscle inflammation, improving blood flow and elevating mood. $20

Certain blackout dates apply. Rates cannot be combined with any other discounts and not available on Saturdays.