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Hotel Details and Amenities

Every Marriott hotel has its own website that provides specific hotel details such as amenities, policies and rate rules. Hotel websites also provide floor plans, photo galleries and other information to future guests. A hotel’s website can be accessed by selecting a specific hotel from the search results list and clicking “View Hotel Website” in the overview pop-up.

Hotel Information
How can I get directions to a hotel?

Click the “Maps and Transportation” link in the left-hand navigation of any hotel website for the location and abridged directions from local airports. Click “Driving Directions” in the left navigation for driving directions from a specific location or airport. Please note that driving directions are not available for all countries.

How can I find out if a hotel offers airport transportation?

For information regarding airport and other local transportation options, click the "Maps and Transportation" link in the left-hand navigation of any hotel website.

How can I find out if a hotel offers high-speed Internet access?

In the "Hotel Highlights" on the hotel website, you'll see a link to their high-speed Internet information. You can also search the "Find and Reserve" page for hotels with high-speed Internet access.

How can I find out what area businesses are near a hotel?

Click "Visitor's Guide" in the left navigation of the hotel website. This will take you to a search page where you can locate nearby business, shopping centers, restaurants and other points of interests. You can map these businesses and get driving directions. This feature is currently only available for hotels in the United States.

How do I view photographs of a specific Marriott property on my SmartPhone?

The app will display a sample image of a specific Marriott property on the Property Detail page. When you select the image, it will open a gallery of photos for that property.


Hotle Policies
Do hotels allow pets?

Pet policies vary from hotel to hotel. To check if pets are allowed, click "About This Hotel" in the left-hand navigation of the hotel’s website.
You can also filter your search results for pet-friendly hotels once a list of hotels is displayed. Simply check the “Pet friendly” box in the amenities list to the left of the page.

Why does Marriott have a Smoke-free Hotel Policy?

Marriott is committed to providing its guests and associates with a smoke-free environment, and is proud to boast one of the most comprehensive smoke-free hotel policies in the industry.
Although smoking is not permitted within hotel buildings, guests are permitted to smoke outside in designated areas. Guests who do not comply will be charged a room-recovery fee to restore guest rooms to a smoke-free condition.

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