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A Journey Through Time

150 years of Hotel Grande Bretagne

This year marks a significant milestone in our history, as we commemorate 150 years of enduring luxury and rich heritage since the hotel first opened its doors in 1874. We invite you to be a part of our celebration and craft your own tales of splendor.

Always Grand Since 1874

The Hotel Grande Bretagne is an emblem of timeless elegance in Greece; it’s an Athenian landmark that has borne witness to all the major events in recent history. With 150 years of excellence the hotel serves as the gold standard for unparalleled opulence, haute aesthetics, and impeccable Greek hospitality.

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The First Luxury Hotel in Athens


The Hotel Grande Bretagne, relocates to Syntagma Square. As Greece's pioneering fully electrified hotel, it offers private bathrooms swiftly becoming a prestigious haven for royalty, politicians, businesspeople, and artists.

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A Grand Acquaintance


After refining his culinary expertise in Paris, Stathis Lampsas returns to Athens with a significant fortune. He collaborates with Savvas Kentros, owner of the Grande Bretagne, and their partnership thrives. The Hotel is renovated as it is entering a new era.

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The First Sketch


In 1918-1919, Swiss architect E. Vogt is commissioned by the Lampsas family to design a super-modern hotel. This sketch gives an idea of the project’s scale.

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The Almond Blossom Ball


In the early 1930s, the Hotel further enhances its reputation by introducing the esteemed Almond Blossom Ball, a masquerade event that soon becomes a prominent fixture in the city's social scene.

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Sir Winston Churchill


Sir Winston Churchill becomes a frequent guest of the Hotel, solidifying his connection to its legacy. As a tribute to his esteemed presence, a meeting room within the Hotel now bears his name.

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The New Building


The original Dimitriou Mansion is replaced by a grand edifice, boasting a new entrance, a magnificent lobby, spacious halls and an extension of 146 rooms. This expansion transforms the Hotel Grande Bretagne into its current distinguished state; one of Europe’s most pre-eminent establishments.

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Maria Callas


On the occasion of her performance of the opera "Norma", which was pivotal and stands as a landmark in contemporary Greek culture, in 1960, Maria Callas, the renowned opera diva resides at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. The piano used for her rehearsals remains an exquisite addition to the Royal Suite of the Hotel.

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Entering into the European Economic Community


The entry of Greece into the European Economic Community is sealed by visits from iconic European leaders to Athens. The Hotel Grande Bretagne serves as a privileged accommodation estate while many meetings of political significance take place within its premises.

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Radical Renovation


The Greek presidency of the EU in 2003 and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games bring major changes. A momentous decision is made by the new ownership of Lampsa S.A. to undertake a comprehensive renovation of the Hotel. This remodeling mission cements the Grande Bretagne as a prominent beacon across the entirety of Europe.

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150 Years of Operation


The Grande Bretagne strives to perpetuate its illustrious heritage, firmly cementing its position as a flagship of the hotel industry. With a remarkable journey spanning 150 years, the multi-awarded Hotel delivers unparalleled quality of services, giving life to the legend it has become.

Royal Suite Living Room

Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens