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At This Hotel

Bistro M


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, our hotel restaurant, Bistro M, is the perfect place to begin or end your day in downtown Bangkok. Settle in and enjoy burgers, Thai dishes and a full wine list in a relaxed setting.

6:00 AM-11:00 PM

Bar M


Unwind after an eventful day in Bangkok with our rooftop bar and restaurant, Bar M, featuring delectable dinners and specialty cocktails. Gaze out over downtown Bangkok as you mingle with friends or colleagues.

1:00 PM-10:00 PM

Bar M

Unwind after an eventful day at our rooftop bar/restaurant, which features specialty cocktails and cuisine. Gaze out over downtown Bangkok while you mingle with friends or colleagues.

12:00 PM-9:00 PM


Wine Bridge

2 KM

Wine bridge's oriental fusion interior is considered as an elegant chill out stylist play; combining with the different genres os music.
Lemon Farm at The Portico

2.6 KM

The taste of health. Lemon Farm offers organic and macrobiotics foods with its supermarket right next to the restaurant.

2.6 KM

the latest sushi restaurant offering omakase-style service, with the chef deciding what you eat.
On the Table Tokyo Cafe

2.6 KM

Happiness is all around us. Let us give you a smile to brighten up your day. Smell the freshness, feel the beauty, and experience the warmth surrounding you in our comfy Tokyo-style cafe.
Le Boeuf

2.9 KM

We deliver the season’s best steak accompanied by an unlimited serve of crispy, golden fries and fresh green salad. The ‘pièce de résistance’ is our winning sauce recipe poured generously over the tender slices of steak.

Crêpes & Co.

2.9 KM

Set in a beautiful old wooden house with a small garden, this branch makes a perfect hideaway for a peaceful & enjoyable dining experience.
Water Library

3.4 KM

Water Library Chamchuri turns into an exclusive fine dining experience at night. Whilst offering exceptional cuisine, tableside service paired with an extensive wine list Water Library is also great value for money.

Home Kitchen

4 KM

The food is traditional Thai cuisine and this restaurant has a solid menu with all the favourites.
Nami Japanese Teppanyaki Steakhouse

6.3 KM

Mouthwatering Teppanyaki dishes

6.7 KM

Isao Sushi Bar, known for its fusion sushi creations, is probably one of the hottest tables in Bangkok

Ngwanlee Restaurant

7.3 KM

Chinese-Thai food and seafood with over 50 years of reputation for taste and quality.

Mayfair, Bangkok - Marriott Executive Apartments