Experience Our Holistic Thermal Spa and the Unique Thermal Grotto

Thermal Spa

The new thermal spa is an elegant, enchanted place, inspired by the wonderful thermal grotto, by its healthy waters, and by its limestone rock. Its 1,000 square metres are home to one pool and treatment areas that exude the Mediterranean culture of water and wellness. The warm colours and tactile sensations of the stone partner guests on their individual relaxation programme. The clean and familiar shapes of Mediterranean architecture give rise to spaces that you think you’ve always known. Sounds and light become softer, and in the heat that comes from the Earth’s core, time seems to gently stand still to make way for a time to meditate and listen to your inner voice.

Meditarium Thermal Circuit

The Meditarium Circuit

The indoor Meditarium thermal pool gives you a warm welcome with the different shades of its limestone rock. It’s a time for peace and meditation before you head to the sauna, Turkish bath and the wet circuits. For the perfect finish to your experience, the relaxation area awaits, close to the thermal grotto, with a wonderful wall of tropical plants and rock, where you can enjoy all of Grotta Giusti’s wellness and unique harmony.

Thermal pool with moon shaped fountain with water flowing into the pool.

The Natural Cave

The Thermal Grotto

The natural thermal spa opens its doors again to guests with its star feature that has a new kind of splendour, with totally new lighting. Even more powerfully than before, light accompanies the unique experience of descending into Earth’s warm core, it brings out the colours of the rock, and it highlights the natural shapes of the stone carved by water and the magic of the underground thermal lake.

View of the thermal grotto cave.
Sauna with three level seating area.

The Thermarium Circuit

Straight from the ancient tradition of Roman baths, the new spa offers a circuit dedicated to the therapeutic power of spa water in various forms and at various temperatures, taking your mind and body on a health-inducing journey.

Exterior view of hotel through a tree line.

Indoor and Outdoor Fitness

The gym is a large open-space area with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, while the whole park and the path that winds within are the ideal setting for physical exercise and meditation immersed in nature.

Thermal pool with moon shaped fountain with water flowing into the pool.

Medical Spa and Equilibrium Philosophy

The medical spa and Equilibrium holistic wellness philosophy, an approach that takes into consideration the health of the body and the mind together. An innovative approach to preventing and treating inflammation based on four fundamental principles: nutrition, thermal treatments, anti-stress techniques and physical exercise.

Spa Treatments

The Thermal Spa Treatments

Grotta Giusti’s thermal spa today offers a carefully curated collection of treatments. Each one has been specially designed for the new spa, in harmony with Grotta Giusti’s real essence: the poetry of nature at all times. The beauty rituals are enhanced with Mediterranean products and fragrances. The treatment rooms on the ground floor and first floor offer privacy and relaxation, with music and light that can be personalized as you wish.

Spa suite with twin massage beds, rolled towels, and massage oils.