EXPERIENCES: Crete truly has it all


The signature Domes approach to hospitality shapes your summer getaway based on your interests and desires, so we’ve curated an array of diverse options, always with a refined Domes touch. You’ll find enriching experiences to satisfy every preference at Domes of Elounda, from our CORE events and performances to Knossos excursions and Elounda activities that we have hand-picked. From digital detox to boat trips, wellness-exhilarating options at SOMA spa and a vast variety of holistic treatments, experience the gym and fitness center and unwind on a transformative journey.


Art, gastronomy, fashion, and show-stopping events all come together in this sprawling green urban space inspired by the ancient Greek gathering place of communities, agora. CORE epitomizes the Domes of Elounda’s signature lifestyle, generously offering up a wealth of diverse opportunities for entertainment and culture, as a part of your luxurious holidays. Designed by award-winning architects NaNA, CORE is an outdoor hub of summertime living – a vibrant open-air plaza comprised of bespoke, Elounda activities, destined to elevate your experience at our high-flying retreat to the sky.

Aerial view of hotels grounds with fireworks exploding in night sky.

Kiepos Gardening, Healthy Eating, and Eco Responsibility at KiEpos for Kids.

Committed to creating eco-conscious youngsters, Domes of Elounda introduces KiEpos “Kee-pos: Greek Garden”. Time spent in the garden will be a hands-on, sensory experience designed to nurture big ideas like sustainability, and eco-responsibility, in a super exciting environment that is easier for young ones to understand. Our young heroes will learn about our great green world at Domes KiEpos and discover the cycle of life!

Playground with view of city/landscape in background.
On-Site Outlets
Dark spa room with two massage tables.


Inspired by the flora of Crete, the fertile land of our island, the Greek mythological gods and the therapeutic practices of Hippocrates, Domes Resorts signature Soma Spa therapies is restoring what has been lost, leading you to a stage of completeness.

Medicine balls and yoga mats on asphalt.

Domes Fitness

Enjoy your daily fitness workout both in our open-air pavilion and indoor fitness center.

Man diving into pool from pool deck.


Soma Spa Pool

Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided


Yaosai Adults Pool

Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided

Domes Plaza Main Pool

Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided

Domes Plaza Children's Pool

Mon-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided

Children's Pool


Outdoor Whirlpool

Towels provided at whirlpool


Sport Facilities

A range of sporting activities will keep you competitive and in shape. On offer, a breathtaking flying fox zipline, a football pitch, a tennis court with stunning views, and a beach volleyball court on our private beach. Domes lifestyle is accompanied by an array of watersports, sailing, scheduled classes such as aqua yoga, by expert instructors; always remaining in synch with the enchanting surroundings. For off-road enthusiasts, running and trekking paths through fragrant flora and quaint villages, mountain biking, and even off-site horseback riding or golf at a choice of Cretan courses.

Dimly lit spa room with pool and beds.


A transformative experience in the form of a holistic spa brings bliss within reach. Age-old wisdom dating back to the traditions of Minoan Crete in a climate that allowed Western civilization to thrive. Black mosaic with gold details, Mediterranean healing power, and Domed architecture are all designed to recenter and renew you.

Woman with flower behind ear laying down on massage table.


This Massage Ritual is based on the Principles of Hippocrates. With a healing approach, this massage approaches the Head & Neck as the crown of the body, feet as the base of the body, and the abdomen, the center of the body aiming to target detox and cleansing. An all-around therapeutic experience, it begins with a dry brushing of the body and ends with a mist of Kefir Tea water to awaken the senses.

Couple, visible thorugh doorway, recling on chairs in dimly lit room with tiled walls.


Inspired by the mythical King Minos of Knossos this Ceremony uses a blend of locally picked botanical herbs. The muscle relief sequence offers a nurturing experience while focusing on your needs at that specific moment and leading to optimal recharge and rebirth of muscle tissue.

Dark room with titled floors and wall featuring two massage tables and candles.


Dittany is a therapeutic and healing plant found growing wild on the Cretan mountainside. In bloom during summer, it has been gathered over the ages to be used in pharmaceuticals, perfumes, and drinks. Aristotle wrote in “The History of Animals”: “Wild goats in Crete are said, when wounded by an arrow, to go in search of dittany, which has the property of ejecting arrows from the body”.


Boat Trip

The ultimate Greek- Mediterranean experience - Embark on an extraordinary sea venture, aboard the Meraki, named after the Greek concept of living life with zeal and pride, and in true Cretan seafaring tradition, sail across the azure to the mysterious fortress on Spinalonga islet or discover turquoise waters off hidden beaches and uncover coves that no one else can reach. If you feel up for an adventure this is the iconic Elounda boat trip. Our team will steer you through a voyage of local surprises, fascinating facts, and magnificent seascapes.

Boat on water with city/landscape in background.