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Delight in the pleasures of Crete, its flavors and fragrances, discover a land full of ancient myths – the Labyrinth, the Minotaur, King Minos and the famous Palace of Knossos - the birthplace of the first European civilization – the notorious Minoans – and culinary heritage anchored in a passionate love for the island’s stunning beauty and natural bounty. Enjoy our hotel facilities after a long day of exploring Crete, from swimming pools and a fitness centre to spa treatments, we cater for the whole family.

On-Site Outlets
The Elounda Spa

The Elounda Spa

Our therapists take you on a journey of rejuvenation, performing relaxing customized facials, reinvigorating massages, anti-aging treatments, one-day rituals, as well as hair salon and beauty services.


Fitness Center at the Elounda Spa

Our hotel gym opens onto both the beach and the gardens. Fitness Classes available.

Blue Palace Private Beach


Main Pool

Mon-Sun: Open 24 Hours


Towels provided

Arsenali Pool

Mon-Sun: Open 24 Hours



Kid's Pools

Mon-Sun: Open 24 Hours


The Elounda Spa

Wellness Experiences

Nothing but The Big Blue. On that long stretch of land facing the mesmerizing Aegean Sea, with a backdrop of lush gardens, let yourself go and empower body & mind with our selection of wellness experiences. Feel the extraordinary energy that surrounds this magical place!

Anne Semonin Beauty Workshop

We invite you to empower body & mind with our exclusive wellness event, partnering with premium spa products by the luxury brand Anne Semonin. A bespoke concept by skincare experts; our Beauty Consultant will offer a personalized skin analysis and an express facial.

Apivita Honeybee Event

The Elounda Spa in cooperation with Apivita will introduce the life of Honeybee through a live experience where guests will come close to thousand of bees and meet the wonderful bee society! Honey, Wax, Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and. the Queen Bee!

Valmont Workshop

We invite you to empower body & mind with our exclusive wellness event, partnering with premium spa products by the luxury brand Valmont. A bespoke concept by skincare experts for a deep renewal and personal recommendations of adapted skincare routines and a selection of products.

Blue Palace Experiences

Every Friday, From June to September, at Blue Door Taverna

Cretan Feast

There are so many opportunities to celebrate life in Crete; good music, endless dances and the festival culture. Come and join us in a unique ritual, the Cretan feast; large bonfires are lit at our private beach for the cooking of the famous “antikristo” lamb – sprinkled in sea salt and slowly cooked for five hours above the fire – while authentic local delicacies will be prepared on the spot. All of these festivities accompanied by the distinct tunes of Cretan lyra.

Cretan Feast - Antikristo

Phāea Farmers Feast

Embark on a journey from seed to plate, where nature and nourishment come together in our organic garden. Hand-pick the freshest ingredients with our Phāea Farmer and Executive Chef and gain insights into our Phāea Farmers initiative. Our Executive Chef will guide you through a hands-on cooking experience, where the senses come alive and creativity blooms.

Anthós Restaurant

At Arsenali Lounge Bar

Guest Bartenders Mixology Events

This summer, we introduce new whimsical collaborations, hosting impressive events with world-acclaimed bartenders twice a month from June to September. Curated by the internationally recognized mixologist Aristotelis Papadopoulos, this series shed light on the landscape, heritage, nature and tradition that inspire our philosophy. All-time favorites, signature flavors built around local, seasonal, quality ingredients – a sensational cocktail journey where everything is noble, quintessentially unique.

Arsenali Lounge Bar - Cocktail
Olive Oil Tasting Experience
Cretan Olive Oil Tasting

Crete is producing some of the world’s healthiest, tastiest extra-virgin olive oil that you can place on your table, showing great respect for nature and tradition. Our Oil Tasting Seminar becomes an unforgettable experience, with an educational tasting from our experts that will guide you through centuries of tradition. Special Events by Olive Oil Sommelier, Panagiotis Magganas.

Arsenali Lounge Bar - Wine Evenings
Wine Tasting

An immersion into the world of Greek wine with our Wine Tasting experience. In our organic garden, a wooden picnic table awaits in the shade of a beautiful old carob tree, where you can savor every sip of the most distinguished Greek and Cretan wines. An array of delightful bites, such as local cheeses and traditional cold cuts, refreshing dips and crudités accompany the decadent drops.

Arsenali Lounge Bar View
Phāea Plan Bee

Our innovative project is the PHĀEA PLAN BEE initiative. Responding to the need of strengthening the pollinators, & more specifically bees, & in the context of disseminating their protection, we have installed our own beehives & worked towards creating a bee-friendly landscape. Special events to celebrate the initiative, with a tour of the organic garden and beehives, a mini-harvesting & honey tasting sessions.

A lesson in Greek cuisine
A Lesson In Greek Cuisine

Join us for a Greek cooking class, focusing on the island’s authentic flavors and traditional recipes. Learn how to make your favorite Cretan salad Dakos, aromatic and delicious Dolmadakia and enjoy a step-by-step lesson on how to prepare a traditional Prawn Saganaki, through valuable cooking secrets.

Therino Open-Air Cinema
Therinò - A quintessential Greek Tradition

Family evenings at the open-air cinema, a much-loved Greek tradition, with a curated program of family-friendly film screenings, whilst indulging in freshly made popcorn and ice-cream.

Cretan Feast Restaurant

Highlights From Our Menu

Traditional homemade pasta Skiouftkta with Anthotyros cheese, a variety of Dolmadakia served with fresh yogurt, and Kritsa’s pies with sweet mitzithra cheese from Rethymnon & fresh honey from Prina.

Cretan Feast Restaurant

Timeless Traditions

The most famous celebrations all around Greece are the festivals in honor of the patron saint of each village. Locals gather to enjoy authentic recipes and exchange the famous mantinades, which are improvised rhymes to celebrate different occasions such as love, life, or friendship; they sing and dance into the early hours of the morning!

The Traditional Caique Experience
The Traditional Caique Experience
The Traditional Caique Experience
The Traditional Caique Experience

The Traditional Caique Experience

The traditional Caique experience of Blue Palace offers guests the chance to intimately glide along the cerulean seas. A plethora of opportunities are up for the taking, aiming to stir the inner explorer of every guest. Become one with the natural island beauty on a wellness trip with the finest yoga and spa facilities or embrace fishing in the most authentic Cretan way. For those in search of a feast while feasting their eyes on the Mirabello Gulf, allow the untouched coast to be the backdrop for Island Escape Picnics or a BBQ at the byzantine chapel of St. Fokas. Setting the mood takes on new meaning with Cretan Wine Tasting or a Romantic Caique Trip at sunset, adrift along crystal waters.

Romantic Caique Trip
Romantic Caique Trip

Spend the evening sailing aboard our traditional caique surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Elounda coast line and Spinalonga Island. Set off from the resort’s jetty with chilled champagne and the chef’s selection of local-flavored treats, for an intimate interlude at sunset.

Cretan Wine Tasting Aboard the Caique

Get on board with our sommelier, to delight in a wine tasting of the island’s most celebrated wine varieties. Savor the richness of the Cretan earth in wines from small local producers, snack on local full-flavored cheeses and listen to the peaceful sounds of the sea. Take the time to enjoy good company and a wine guide for true submersion into the Cretan wine culture.

Fishing aboard the Traditional Caique
A Caique Fishing Trip

Enjoy a unique fishing experience employing the most traditional methods, in the crystal blue water of the Mirabello Gulf. Complete fishing equipment is available on board, along with light snacks and refreshments – keeping endurance and anticipation high as you await your Cretan catch.

Traditional Caique - Island Escape & Picnic
Island Picnic Escape

Our traditional caique will take you to crystal clear waters travelling around the Mirabello Gulf. Swim and sunbathe at remote beaches and unlock some of the most authentic surroundings. Our chef prepares a mouth-watering lunch with a selection of homemade dishes or snacks; fresh bread and Greek wine - all packed in a traditional picnic basket.

Caique Sailing & BBQ at Saint Fokas
Caique Sail & BBQ at Saint Fokas

Embark on a sea adventure around the rugged coastline to unspoiled, secluded beaches only accessible by boat. As the sea breeze awakens your appetite – lunch is at the ready. Anchoring in the beach of Kolokytha, you will be greeted by the byzantine chapel of St. Fokas. Bearing a magnificent story, the chapel invites you to nestle into its history while enjoying a mouth-watering BBQ prepared by our chef, on site.

Private Dining

Island Luxury Suite Sea View Private Heated Pool

Private Dining in Your Room/Suite

Dine under the stars at Blue Palace to experience heightened romance. Personalized to your taste, in the privacy of your bungalow or suite - a five-course gourmet menu of your choice is served, in a luminous setting of candles and flowers to ensure all-encompassing romance.

Private Dining At The Beach

Private Dining at the Beach

Leave it to us to create a wonderful setting by the beach and sprinkle romance over the sumptuous serving. Enjoy an intimate dinner, while you hear the magical sea sounds and marvel at the luminous starry sky.

Island Luxury Suite Sea View Private Heated Pool

Private Dining at a Villa

Enjoy escapism in ultimate luxury at our private residences, making a portion of Blue Palace your own for the evening. Be immersed in the flavors and aromas of local food traditions by our top-rated Chef over a five-course private dinner. Bookings may be placed one day prior, subject to availability of villas.

Long Days In The Sunshine At The Big Blue

How often is it that you find yourself swimming in crystal clear waters and gazing at an island, only a few hundred meters away, which is a National Monument? Blue Palace’s beach offers an unsurpassed experience. There is no sand on this long private beach; only white round pebbles, smooth as eggs. And the water is so clear you can spend time watching the turquoise seabed changing and the little fish swimming. There is such a sense of space and of unspoilt natural beauty, that makes you feel that this is the definition of summer luxury.

Main Beach

At The Beach Haven, prepare yourself for beachside top-notch service. Reserved exclusively for guests of The Haven, it is fully equipped with loungers and parasols, where baskets of complimentary goodies are delivered; fresh towels, the latest magazines and aromatherapy spritzes. An elite beach service crew will attend to your needs and occasionally surprise you with treats. Guests of private villas can unwind in their own exclusive private gazebo.

Blue Palace Beach
Isola Beach Club

Evenings at the Beach

Blue Palace makes every evening enchanting! From Blaze and Flames to Full Moon Parties every night brings a new adventure. Set your night a blaze with the Beach Side BBQ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at Isola Beach Club or enjoy breezy nights around the fireplace with full moon parties.

Jet Skiing At Blue Palace's Beach

Water Sports

Located at the beach, within the beautiful cove protected by Spinalonga Island, the Water Sports Center offers aquatic options to suit enthusiasts of all ages. From traditional water sports like water skiing, windsurfing to wakeboarding, and trick skiing, there is something for everyone. For diving enthusiasts, our divemasters offer scuba lessons, night diving, boat diving, and snorkeling.

Aquatic Paradise


Crete’s year-round sun makes it an aquatic paradise, as reflected in our swimming facilities. From our Arsenali Pool, Beach Pool, and Votsalo Bar Pool to Kids’ pools, indoor Thalassotherapy, and a private beach, we offer unparalleled options.

Outdoor Pool by the Votsalo Lounge

An outdoor oasis by Votsalo Lounge - fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. The pool is heated making it an ideal choice for a calming dip, no matter the season.

Beach Pool

In addition to sun beds and sunshades, we provide guests with soothing underwater music, and from 10am-6pm, our Beach Service Team is on hand to serve refreshing drinks and light snacks.

Kid's Pool

Situated near the beach, our seawater pool, is the perfect place for older children to spend the day while their parents enjoy the adult Beach Pool and sea. The second 50-square-meter pool is positioned next to our private beach and ideal for babies and young children’s first swimming endeavors.

Arsenali Pool

In addition to an incomparable view, the Arsenali Pool benefits from bar service 12pm-9pm at the adjacent Arsenali Lounge Bar. During cooler months, the pool is heated.

Arsenali Lounge Bar
Saint Fokas - Caique Sailing
Saint Fokas
Saint Fokas - Caique Sailing
Saint Fokas

Spinalonga – A Place of Living History

Across Blue Palace, the isle of Spinalonga lies peacefully in the Gulf of Elounda. The site has always been a major attraction for visitors. The tiny island hosts a wonderful amalgamation of Medieval Venetian and Turkish buildings and turn of the century Greek houses. On a small scale, its history and architecture – marked by subsequent invasions – reflects the history of Crete itself.

Traveler Tips

Here are a couple helpful tips for visiting Spinalonga Island.

The Island Of Spinalonga

Spinalonga Reenactment Experience

A Spinalonga Reenactment Experience is a truly rare and exclusive experience. We will whisk guests aboard our traditional boat for an exclusive guided tour of the isle. The historical reenactment is curated by a team of archaeologists and culture experts of Discover Greek Culture. An exploration of Crete exemplifies the destination in an authentic experience that fills the eyes and inspires the mind.

The Blue Palace Beach

Access to the Island

The island of Spinalonga is accessible by boat from the area of Plaka - just five minutes away from the resort - from early May until the end of October.

Active Life

A world of activities will fill your days with us. We’ll show you how to swim, sail, play tennis and hike your way around one of the most stunning islands.


We can organize hiking excursions, offering visitors chances to get acquainted with unique areas in our region. Visits to archaeological sites, old monasteries & traditional villages, hikes by the sea, rivers or waterfalls and introduction to Cretan cuisine are just some of the adventures available. Our experienced guides have excellent knowledge of the area, familiarizing hikers with fascinating Cretan nature.


For tennis lovers, two floodlit tennis courts with fifth-generation artificial grass, are located at the upper level of the Resort and are complimentary during daylight hours along with the rackets and balls. We have also partnered with SUNBALL TENNIS ACADEMY for a professional tennis service.


The 18-hole Crete Golf Club has been built to international PGA standards by architect Bob Hunt. Built in desert style, the course offers dramatic views and truly tests every aspect of a golfer's repertoire. The Club lies 40 km (about 30 min) from Blue Palace Resort & Spa in the direction of Heraklion.

Helicopter Rides

Blue Palace features its own helipad, providing comfort and absolute privacy. Elect any of our helicopter rides for an unforgettable experience of breathtaking views over the beautiful landscape of the island and endless blue of the Cretan sea – all in a 20 minute flight.

Yacht Experience

Sail away from the resort’s private jetty for a mesmerizing scenic experience. With bountiful ancient sites on land, Blue Palace's yacht pays testament to the island's natural wonder. On a route planned for optimum views along the coast of Elounda, giving guests the ultimate exposure to the magnificent Mirabello Gulf. Guests are afforded a choice between a 4-hour or 8-hour cruise.

Suggested Itineraries

Blue Palace ensures every guest can indulge their senses in Crete. In collaboration with our Luxury Collection Concierge, an abundance of offers await – island highlights and excursions are designed for exploration. Itineraries created with the intention to glorify an island favored by mythology, with culinary customs paying homage to the island’s rich, indigenous environment. Discover it all without the burden of logistics. Enjoy advanced reservations for archaeological site tours, the very best guides for hiking trips, visits to vineyards and olive groves.

Approximate duration: 4 - 5 hours

Palace of Knossos & Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

The Palace of Knossos – the monumental symbol of Minoan Civilization – showcases unique construction, advanced building techniques and use of luxury materials. Mythology states it as the seat of the great King Minos and where Minotaur resided. It is worth combining your tour of Knossos with a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. The museum’s display rooms showcase artifacts from the Neolithic and Roman period, yet predominant emphasis is placed on its collection of Minoan pieces. Focal points include; the “blue ladies” and “the prince with the lilies”.

Pareo “Phyllo” By Ekeini

Approximate duration: 5 - 6 hours

Diktaean Cave & Lassithi Plateau

The Diktaean cave, one of the most spectacular wonders of Crete. Legend states it as the birth place of Zeus and central site for his worship. Combine this with a visit to the Lassithi plateau, arresting in its beauty. This highland’s vast expanse of green fields is interspersed with almond trees and orchards – a secluded, rural facet of Crete. The twenty-six stone flour mills and linear drainage works built by the Venetians add a historical highlight to the area.

View To Spinalonga

Approximate duration: 4 - 5 hours

Town of Aghios Nikolaos, Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Kera, Village of Krista

The beautiful town of Aghios Nikolaos lies on the picturesque lake of Voulismeni, legend claims it to be bottomless. The lake is lined with neoclassical buildings, restaurants, bars and shops – the perfect setting for a leisurely wander around and drink by the marina. Just eight kilometers south of Aghios Nikolaos, stands the byzantine church of Panagia Kera. Discover its three aisled, arch-roofed basilicas, featuring wall paintings and frescoes from the 13th century. Finally, the village of Kritsa, endearing and quaint, nestled in the foothills of the mountains. Renowned for the skill of local weavers and embroiderers, Kritsa remains a true testament to centuries of tradition.


Approximate duration: 3 - 4 hours

The Island of Chrissi

The island of Chrissi is renowned for its white beaches, sand dunes, forest of pines and junipers. Walking in the woods and swimming in crystal clear water with soft scents of cedar in the fresh air. Chrissi – an ideal experience for any guest, tying their travel together with an unforgettable sense of deep relaxation. Chrissi is protected by the Natura 2000 Networking Program, as an "area of intense natural beauty”. Designated as a wildlife refuge, the sea turtle, caretta-caretta is often spotted around the island and the seal, monachus-monachus frequents its northeastern region.

Mirabello Gulf
Archaeological Site of Gournia, Town of Sitia, Vai Palm Beach & Toplou Monastery

The archaeological site of Gournia, on the eastern side of Crete, tucked away in the northern coast of Ierapetra isthmus. Showcasing well-preserved houses, cobblestone streets, a central court, Minoan palace and burial grounds – Gournia provides an idyllic perception of a late Bronze Age town. Next, is Sitia town, explore the Kazarma fortress and the Archaeological and Folklore Museum. Enjoy a swim at the splendid sandy beach next to Sitia’s centre. West of the town, one of Crete’s most spectacular sights – the Vai palm-tree forest encircling the Blue Fag awarded, exotic beach with golden sand and blue-green waters. Last on the agenda is the monastery of Toplou. The exhibited collection of church relics, manuscripts and prints deems it a cultural landmark of eastern Crete. Approximate duration: 7 - 8 hours.

The Arkadi Monastery, Rethymnon & Chania

The Arkadi Monastery, a large fortified complex built during Venetian rule, one of the most renowned monasteries in Crete, due to the Holocaust that occurred in 1866. This significant part Cretan history earned Arkadi a title as a European Freedom Monument by UNESCO. Next, visit the old town of Rethymnon, one of the best-preserved renaissance towns. The scenic seafront promenade with numerous cafes and bustling restaurants, highlights this destination. Finally, be the guest of Chania. A striking town with its port guarded by a picture-perfect lighthouse, a 16th century Venetian construction and the impressive Kucuk Hasan mosque. Chania also brags the renovated Grand Arsenal, the Splanzia ruins and the Kum Kapi at Miaouli beach. Approximate duration: 10 - 12 hours.

Blue Palace Elounda, a Luxury Collection Resort, Crete