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The hotel has an ideal location in the heart of old Kyiv

Nearby Things To Do

the Museum of Water

2.8 KM

Here you will learn a lot about water and its properties, find out about water supply of Ukraine, see many dynamical expositions. You will be amazed by a huge toilet bowl which is half of a man’s height.

State Museum of Toys

3 KM

State Museum of Toys is surely the most unique museum for children in Kiev. Here you can enjoy the collection of different toys gathered since 1930 and observe a toy evolution from Soviet times till nowadays. It is like learning a history but in a fun way

State Aviation museum

7.9 KM

For those who likes aicrafts and planes, you would surely enjoy the State Aviation museum (Zhuliany). It is the youngest and at the same time the largest historical museum of the country’s technical history.

FIZIKA Fitness Space

.1 KM

11 Mirrors, a Member of Design Hotels™