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Set in an unspoiled and sun-drenched land of olive groves and vineyards, The Westin Resort Costa Navarino is a rejuvenating haven by the Ionian Sea coastline. Four signature golf courses and a wide variety of sports, first class children’s facilities and plethora of activities, 1.5 km sandy beach, refreshing pools and the award-winning Anazoe Spa cater for an invigorating stay.

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Anazoe Spa

Anazoe Spa

Relax and recharge at the multi-awarded Anazoe Spa & Thalassotherapy, with a full range of revitalizing therapies and oleotherapy® treatments, based on health and beauty practices of ancient Greece, utilizing the area's exclusive ingredients.

Golf courses unavailable for tee-time bookings
Both Golf courses will be unavailable for tee-time bookings during the below dates due to professional golf events:• Messinia Pro-Am 2020: 18 - 21.02.2020 (included) • Aegean Pro Am 2020: 27 - 30.05.2020 (included)• Worlds Sports Game 2020: 18 - 20.06.20 (included)
The Dunes Course

The Dunes Course

The Dunes Course is the first signature golf course in Greece. Set in a diverse natural landscape, offers unique style and playability with spectacular sea and river views, while parts of the course venture into olive and fruit groves.


WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio

Fully equipped Health Centre with indoor pool and group sessions.

Westin Pool


WestinWORKOUT pool

Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM


Towels provided


Aqua Park - Kids Waterpark

Mon-Sun: 11:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided


Lifeguard on Duty

Children's Pool

Lagoon Pool

Mon-Sun: 11:00 AM-6:30 PM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Children's Pool

Westin Pool

Mon-Sun: 11:00 AM-6:30 PM


Towels provided

Lifeguard on Duty

Children's Pool


Westin WorkOut Gym

An Unforgettable Aquatic Experience

A Paradise for Swimming

Messinia’s year-round sun makes it a paradise for swimming, as reflected in our swimming facilities. From the Dunes Beach, the Westin Pool, the Lagoon Pool, the unique Aqua Park with three waterslides, and the indoor pool at WestinWORKOUT, we offer a wide range of choices for all options. Kindly note that the use of beach balls, pool floats and any other inflatable objects is only allowed at the designated areas of the pools.

The Dunes Beach

Washed by the sparkling blue waters of the Ionian Sea, The Dunes Beach stretches for 1 km under the warm glow of the Messinian sun. This sandy, west-facing beach, with cozy sun loungers and umbrellas, offers the ideal setting to leisurely enjoy our special beach menu, along with cool beverages and refreshing cocktails.

The Dunes Beach
Westin Pool

Westin Pool

With a distinctive design and a relaxing backdrop of the waterfalls sound, the two-levelled Westin Pool covers a total surface of 851m2 across two separate pools with a maximum depth of 1.2m. The pool area offers sunbeds and umbrellas, and the Westin Pool Bar serves inspired alcoholic and virgin cocktails, delicious kids’ dishes, light snacks and full of vitamins smoothies and juices to keep you well nourished.

Lagoon Pool

Lagoon Pool

At the heart of the resort, you will find the elegant Lagoon Pool surrounded by palm trees. It consists of one pool with a total surface of 890m2 and depth of 1.2m, and a kids’ pool of 200 m2 and pool depth of 0.4m. After a restorative swim, you can enjoy a selection of revitalizing beverages, fresh salads, light dishes and delightful desserts served at the pool bar.

Aqua Park

Aqua Park

The recreational park offers a wide range of activities including The Aqua Park which is fun for all ages with three slides and a play pool. Kindly note that for security reasons the minimum height to access the water slides is 1.20 m. and only 1 person per slide is allowed.

Anazoe Spa - Relaxation Lounge
Anazoe Spa
Anazoe Spa - Relaxation Lounge
Anazoe Spa
A Journey of Wellness

Anazoe SPA

The 4,000m² Anazoe Spa is a unique wellness sanctuary, with a full range of specialty spa treatments based on health and beauty practices of ancient Greece which make full use of the region’s exclusive natural and revitalizing ingredients, as well as an extensive range of luxury spa products from around the globe.

A Natural Wellness Retreat

Spa treatments are performed to the accompaniment of soothing music based on ancient Greek modes and scales. The ancient Greeks believed music to be divine, capable of healing both body and soul. Costa Navarino in the Messinia region of the Peloponnese is blessed with an abundance of beneficial herbs that are carefully selected and gathered for the Anazoe Spa products. For the Anazoe SPA Pricelist, click on the below link to find out more.

Anazoe Spa - Lobby

Spa Services & Amenities

Anazoe Classic Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

This gentle, relaxing full-body massage is a spa classic. Therapists adapt their technique to suit your personal needs while increasing circulation, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

Aromatherapy Candle Massage Remedy (50 or 80 minutes)

Effective combination of activating or relaxing tissue practices, a range of motion techniques utilizing Anazoe essential oils to work the central nervous system and indirectly relax muscles. The Anazoe aromatherapy essential oil blends will be personalized to your special needs.

Melisseus, The Spirit of Honey (50 or 80 minutes)

Heat & Honey are good for the skin and support the body’s own energy balance. The Honey Concept combines the power of heat with various massage techniques. The application of gentle heat promotes circulation and relaxes muscles, which in turn helps loosen stubborn knots during massage. An amazing multi-faceted treatment, the results of which includes a special experience for the senses.

Couple’s Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

Enjoy an Anazoe Classic, Aromatherapy Candle or Deep Tissue Massage side-by-side in our beautifully-appointed double rooms.

Lymph Drainage Face Massage (25 minutes)

A very relaxing form of massage that gently unclogs certain lymph nodes and stimulates natural lymph movement. Using the pads of the fingers to lightly manipulate the fluid under the skin down pathways leading to large lymph nodes on the face, neck, and chest this technique helps drain excess fluid and waste protein.

Maternity Massage (50 minutes)

After the first trimester, enjoy a massage at this special time when your body needs its own nurturing. This massage uses a specially designed body support system. Special attention is given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy.

Reflexology (25 or 50 minutes)

The art of massaging specific pressure points on the hands, ears and feet which correspond to individual parts of the body. Through stimulating hand, ear and foot pressure points, the body is able to find its own energy path.

Cocooning Scrub & Massage Ritual by Anne Semonin (80 minutes)

An ultimate exfoliating experience with the amazing Nude Scrub. A luxurious blend of sea salts, white sand, pink quartz powder and aromatic oils actively sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving skin wonderfully soft, silky, detoxified and youthfully radiant. The warming elements of the Nude Scrub create a cocooning sensation and elevate the spirits. This therapy concluded with a Haute Couture full body massage to re-awaken the senses.

In – Room Treatments (50 or 80 minutes)

Experience a massage treatment in the privacy of your room. Evening treatments are available until 20:00.

Couple’s Outdoor Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

Unwind side by side in our secluded Spa Pavilions. Experience a customized massage as you create a special memory with a loved one. Located at the Beach Spa Pavilion.

Olive Grove Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

Ancient Olive trees provide the unique backdrop for the ultimate massage experience. Indulge in absolute serenity and relaxation, enjoying the soothing local breeze. An outdoor experience that promises to take away the tension from your body and mind, in the most unique surroundings, while specialized massage techniques help olive’s nutrients permeate your skin throughout the body.

Outdoor Anazoe Relaxation Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

Begin with a relaxing Classic massage with an aromatherapy oil of your choice to either calm or energize your senses. Enjoy a full body massage as your therapist kneads away tension and improves circulation, creating an overall feeling of harmony and balance. Located either at the Pool Pavilion or the Beach Spa Pavilion.

Outdoor Deep Tissue Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

Experience a deep tissue full body massage with firm strokes and digital pressure that perfectly address muscle tension. Located either at the Pool Pavilion or the Beach Spa Pavilion.

Outdoor Herbal Experience (50 or 80 minutes)

This experience includes a customized full body massage located within the spa’s herbal garden. Our herbal garden with wafts of rosemary, lavender, and a variety of Messinian herbs, provides a unique treatment area under the shade of a myrtle tree.

Kindly note that all outdoor massages are offered daily from 07:00 – 20:00 and are available with advanced reservations – 24-hour notice requested.

Skin Diagnosis – Learn your Skin’s Health - 30 minutes

Keep your face youthful and healthy by taking care of your skin. Learn all about your skin and its needs by diagnosing its type, condition or any issue residing at the surface or hiding in deeper layers, with the use of the very latest technology in skin diagnosis and skin physiology measurements! Your final skin analysis report is presented through a series of high-resolution photos and provides a precise description of the following: skin age, pore condition, elasticity, pigmentation, moisture, skin tone and wrinkles. This detailed analysis enables us to formulate and implement targeted and customized treatment plans.

Anazoe Deep Cleansing Facial - 80 minutes

This purifying treatment for all skin types includes a gentle exfoliating peel to remove dull surface skin cells. It is followed by a luxurious facial massage and a deep-cleansing Anazoe masque and botanical extracts to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. A heated hand treatment completes the experience.

Organic Aloe Vera Facial - 50 minutes

An antioxidant treatment that restores vitality to dry, sun-damaged skin and helps minimize signs of premature aging. Pure organic aloe vera stimulates collagen production and renews skin firmness. Suitable for normal, dry and mature skin, this treatment utilizes herbs which work to relax, detoxify and soothe facial muscles while simultaneously hydrating and cleansing the skin. The treatment includes a gentle peel and a luxurious facial massage specifically chosen according to skin type.

Anazoe Herbal Facial - 50 minutes

Suited for normal, dry and mature skin, this treatment utilizes herbs which work to relax, detoxify and soothe facial muscles while simultaneously hydrating the skin. This treatment includes a gentle peel and a luxurious facial massage specifically chosen according to skin type.

Scalp Massage

Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage to ease away tension. Add on to any facial.

Age Defend Facial Treatment by Anne Semonin - 50 minutes

Anti-ageing, firming, toning. Redefine how the skin ages with the quintessential regenerating facial therapy. Signs of aging dissolve as essential oils and minerals are gently massaged into the skin improving tone and elasticity. Maturing skins Extracts of Mexican Wild Yam and rice provide ultimate defence against environment and maintaining a youthful radiance all the way to a cellular level.

Soothing Skin Saviour Facial Treatment by Anne Semonin - 50 minutes

Calming, hydrating, restoring. The secret to soothing even the most delicate skin lies in the exquisite blending of minerals and essential essences. Skin is prepared with gentle cleansing and exfoliation before delighting in the application of luxurious cream mask. The generous application of the algae and kaolin clay formula smoothes and nourishes skin revealing a perfectly calm and soothed complexion.

Oligo Skin Protect Facial Treatment by Anne Semonin - 50 minutes

Detoxifying, balancing, decay preventing. The ultimate in antioxidant defence, this treatment instantly hydrates and balances, boosting oxygenation to the skin cells. Using the exclusive Oligo range of products, an advanced formula combining dynamic ingredients such as algae and chlorella, ensures a clear skin, thoroughly protected from the urban environment.

Collagen Veil - 25 minutes

A 100% pure native collagen sheet that is moulded on the skin to provide optimum hydration.

Radiant Eyes & Smooth Lips - 25 minutes

A healing and rejuvenating treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. Imparts moisture and nutrients while smoothing fine lines and reducing puffiness. Includes brow shaping.

Organic Aloe Vera Body Wrap - 80 minutes

An ideal treatment to replenish, protect and preserve sun-kissed skin with a cooling wrap of aloe vera. A calming face mask is then applied to further reduce redness while you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.

Oleotherapy® Body Retreat - 50 minutes

Oleotherapy® is well-known for its powerful hydrating properties. The therapeutic assets of olive oil, lime blossom, sage, calendula flowers and rosemary remineralize, soothe, and rejuvenate dull skin. The wrap is applied full-body, including face application.

’All-Natural’ Algae Wrap - 80 minutes

A slimming seaweed treatment, containing active Spirulina algae rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish and revitalize the body. The treatment includes a mild exfoliation.

Localized Detoxifying Skin Indulgence with Vinegar - 50 minutes

The use of apple cider vinegar helps reduce cellulite while minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. The natural minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, combined with unique acids, bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them more effectively.

Oenotherapy Anti-Aging Body Cocooning by Anne Semonin - 80 minutes

This pampering body rejuvenation will regenerate the skin to its best. An invigorating body scrub is followed by a nourishing and anti-aging body mask while you drift away with a wonderfully soothing scalp massage. The naturally anti-oxidant benefits of this treatment will enhance body drainage, maximize hydration, plump and smooth to perfection, while nurturing your body in a cloud of well-being.

Anti-Fatigue Back Remedy by Anne Semonin - 50 minutes

Tension releasing, restoring back therapy. An exceptional solution created to alleviate tension stored in the back, neck, and shoulders and reduce fatigue. The exquisite combination of the heat, minerals and oils begins with a generous application of self-heating mineral mud mask to release stiffness, strain and stress in the muscles. This is followed by a bespoke massage with blended oils just right for the guest’s needs. Both energizing and relaxing, this treatment leaves the whole body with a complete sense of well-being.

Gentleman’s Facial - 50 minutes

A deep cleansing, therapeutic facial designed specifically for the special skin care needs of men, including sensitivity and razor burn. Relaxes the skin as it refines pores. Includes a luxurious facial massage and deep-cleansing masque.

Gentleman’s Manicure - 25 minutes

Gentleman’s Pedicure - 50 minutes

Anazoe Mother & Daughter Package - 80 minutes

There is no better place than the Spa for the little one to spend a special day with mommy! Side-by-side massage, sugar scrub, followed by her favorite color on fingers and toes.

Anazoe Father & Son Package - 80 minutes

A set of delightful Spa experiences. Spend some precious relaxation and bonding time together by enjoying a light-to-medium pressure massage. Your relaxing journey will conclude with a hand and foot treatment or a mini facial.

Oleotherapy® Kid’s Massage - 25 or 50 minutes

This light massage is a great introduction to massage for any young person. Therapists providing massage are gender specific.

Oleotherapy® Kid’s Facial - 25 minutes

An enjoyable and enlightening primer for a lifetime of healthy skin. This facial includes a thorough cleansing and toning of the skin, a gentle mask and a facial massage.

Oleotherapy® Teen Facial - 50 minutes

Deep cleansing, toning, steam, mask, extractions and a facial massage all in one! Designed to accommodate all skin types.

Kid’s Hand Therapy - 25 minutes

A citrus and honey version of our Oleotherapy® Manicure. First, we soak the hands in a citrus and honey bath, then we trim nails and apply the Anazoe oleotherapy® moisturizer. The final touch is an application of polish.

Kid’s Foot Therapy - 25 minutes

A citrus and honey version of our Oleotherapy® Pedicure. First, we soak the feet in a citrus and honey bath, then we trim nails and apply the Anazoe oleotherapy® moisturizer. The final touch is an application of polish

Physio – Power Break - 25 minutes

Enhance your body treatment with an additional 25 minutes of targeted massage for neck, back and shoulder. This is not a full body massage.

Physio – Myofascial Release Massage - 50 or 80 minutes

A safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. This special method will increase mobility with intense depth effect and ensure your muscular system is treated according to your needs.

Physio – Deep Tissue Massage - 50 or 80 minutes

A therapeutic, firm massage which focuses on specific areas to relieve tension. Using various strokes and deep pressure, muscle tension is released, and flexibility restored. Recommended after golf, tennis or a strenuous workout. May include assisted stretching.

Golfer’s Body Preparation - 50 or 80 minutes

The complex technique of golf presents a specific challenge for a golfer’s body. This balanced, individually prescribed treatment is the perfect preparation for a round of golf and ideal for post-game relaxation and revitalization. The treatment incorporates the most modern therapeutic methods, including three Kinesio tapings, full body massages and neural stretching. It enhances the body’s balance, improves the golf swing and also involves stretching exercises.

During your Stay

Smoking is not permitted in the spa’s indoor facilities at any time. The use of video and still cameras is strictly forbidden. The spa is a sanctuary of peace and harmony, so please be aware of the volume of your voice so as not to disturb other guests. The indoor Thalassotherapy pools and Heat Experience areas are temporarily closed.

Appointments & Check In

Guests are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their first appointment to allow themselves ample time to check in and change. Showering is also essential before any treatment, not least because the beneficial oils are best absorbed through clean skin. Out of consideration for all spa guests, late arrivals will not be given an extension of scheduled treatment times and the full cost of the treatment will be charged.

Personal Consultation

Before each treatment, guests are asked by our specialists to mention anything which they consider to be of special importance with regard to the booked treatment. Thus, the valuable treatment time can be ideally coordinated to suit the specific needs and priorities of each guest. During the treatment, please don’t hesitate to communicate any feeling of unpleasantness or discomfort. Good communication is the key to a perfect treatment!


All treatments will be charged to your room and will appear on the room account at the time of departure from the resort. Guests are welcome to pay by credit card or cash if preferred.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to other guests and our therapists, any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to appointment time. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be billed 50% of the treatment cost. No shows or appointments cancelled with less than five hours’ notice will be billed 100% of the treatment cost.

Age Requirement

The spa is appropriate for guests 18 years and older. Guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in order to receive treatments.

Anazoe Spa - Treatment Room
Signature SPA Treatments

All Anazoe Spa treatments are based on progressive techniques that combine ancient Greek healing rituals and local resources with traditional European spa treatments and therapies. Nature lends itself to the treatments with elements such as purifying olive leaves, refreshing Messinian citrus, herbs, flowers and sea salts.

Anazoe Spa
Therapeutic Day Spa Treatments

Fully unwind with gentle massage practices, lymphatic massages and cocooning scrubs, share our couples’ spa treatments and embrace the beauty of your surroundings with a series of body treatments and facial treatments administered in the herb garden, the spa pavilions or in the gentle glow of the moonlight at this luxury spa resort in the Peloponnese, Greece.

Anazoe SPA Gift Vouchers

Discover our selection of gift vouchers and give the gift of ultimate relaxation with vouchers for Anazoe Spa treatments. Available to buy online.

Anazoe Spa

Sports & Activities

WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio

Sleek, airy, and flooded with natural light, the WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio offers an inspiring environment for maintaining your exercise program. Facilities include an indoor pool 21m, two saunas, two steam rooms, whirlpool, relaxation room and locker rooms for winding down and freshening up after your efforts.

Westin WORKOUT Gym

NBA Basketball School

The NBA Basketball School at Costa Navarino, the first-of-its-kind NBA collaboration, combines a world-class coaching program with premium hospitality and FIBA compliant basketball facilities at Navarino Dunes. As of May 15th, we invite young players from 6 to 18 and adults to participate in this special tuition-based basketball development program, available in one, two, three, four, five and six-day camp packages for young players, and daily one-hour programs for adults.

Sports Hall

Explore the Local Area

Navarino Outdoors

The Navarino Outdoor Academy makes full use of the unspoiled countryside around Costa Navarino to offer a full suite of exciting sports and other recreational activities. Whether your idea of fun is hiking, mountain biking, or climbing, Costa Navarino can offer you all of this, and to the highest of standards.

Biking around Navarino Dunes

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Located at the nearby Navarino Waterfront, the Aqua Divers Club offers you the possibility to enjoy Messinia’s clear blue waters and discover underwater secrets whilst scuba diving or snorkeling in an area once frequmeted by notorious pirates. Explore the beauty of the undersea world and experience the wonders of Mediterranean marine life.

Scuba Diving
Navarino Sea On Water

Watersports at Navarino Dunes

Located next to Barbouni Restaurant at Navarino Dunes Beach, Moraitis Watersports offers non-motorized water sports such as Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Private lessons for beginners and advanced coaching from experienced instructors are also available.

Navarino Sea Yachting

Navarino Sea Yachting

During half-day, one-day or two-day cruises, joined by experienced skippers and crew, guests can discover the crystal-clear waters and secrets of this crossroads of ancient civilizations, aboard the motor yacht Ferretti or the sailing boat Gib Sea 43.

Watersports - Wing Foil

Watersports at Navarino Waterfront

Offering water sports experiences to satisfy any thrill-seeker, the brand-new Watersports hub at Navarino Waterfront, features something for everyone to enjoy, from exhilarating windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP, to wake waterski, surfing and wing foiling - as well as more relaxed beach activities.

Voidokilia Beach
Voidokilia Beach
Voidokilia Beach
Voidokilia Beach

Teen Space – Division 16

At Costa Navarino, each day is a celebration of life, friendship, and new beginnings. This can be seen at Division 16, the brand new vibrant meeting place for teens, young adults and all those who feel young. Reaffirming its reputation as a premier family destination, Costa Navarino proudly presents a one-of-a-kind teens concept with a 60s vibe and fun-packed activities that tap into the needs of youngsters.

Bowling at Division 16
American Dining With a Twist

The Costa Navarino gastronomical experience is all about healthy choices. And this is certainly true at TeenSpace. Slow-cooked Black Angus beef, or roast chicken, is served in a beetroot brioche bun; salads made from locally sourced vegetables and hand mixed sauces; roasted baby potatoes and the original mac and cheese are just a few choices.

Karaoke Party Time

Hidden talents are revealed as the fun kicks in on the Karaoke stage. Karaoke is a great way to bring friends, family, and strangers together for special moments that create lasting memories. Teens can choose their favorite style, pick a song and let the party begin!

Hit Those Pins!

Whether someone sees it as a sport, game or recreational activity, ten-pin bowling is easy to pick up but hard to master. Teens may sign up for their first game or take it to the next level by entering a competition. New friends will be made, and the winner takes the prize!

Photo Fun

A retro style photo booth is not only enormous fun but also elevates the value of a moment captured in time far beyond a simple post or tweet. A great way of creating memories!

Escape to… the Future

In the Escape Room, young guests will be ‘transported’ to the year 2050, where they will examine clues, fingerprints and maps as they try to find Costa Navarino’s scientific research to fight climate change and keep our planet safe.

Authentic Experiences

Discover the Rich Cultural Heritage of the Region

Authentic experiences by discovering the rich cultural heritage of the region; cookery lessons in local homes, traditional olive harvesting, wine-making and tasting, art tours, philosophy walks and many more.

Messinian Authenticity - Cooking class
Authentic Village Cooking

An insight into baking and pitta making is given by the local experts, the members of a nearby Women’s Association. Visitors help the women prepare breads and baked goods that they can then enjoy over breakfast the next morning. They are also invited to join home-cooking in a house in the nearby town of Pylos.

Kooc - Taverna Secrets
Farm to Table Experience

Messinia’s rich soil and favorable climate prompted the 5th century BC Greek playwright Euripides to call it “the land of the good fruit”. And today, a wide range of agricultural products from the region are in demand all over the world on account of their superior quality.

Navarino Vineyards
Wine Master Class

Taste local and other Greek wines and become familiar with their distinctive colors, aromas and flavors. Wine experts will not only guide you through a unique tasting journey in the very place where the life of wine begins, but also help you choose the perfect food pairing for each wine you try.

Wine Harvesting
Wine Making

During the vineyard and wine-tasting tour, which runs from August until October, participants enjoy a route that takes in Costa Navarino’s vineyards at Mouzaki, where they can actively join in the foot pressing of grapes. Under the shadow of trees, they enjoy a wine-tasting session by our sommelier followed by an informative discussion focusing on local varieties.

Olive Harvesting
Olive Harvesting

Costa Navarino also embraces the age-old tradition of olive harvesting, an experience that has been part of the daily lives of the people of Messinia for centuries. During the harvest, visitors learn all the steps of the process, the local varieties and the olive tree planting projects in the region.

Messinian Authenticity - Cooking class
Olive Oil Tasting

Join a unique olive oil tasting session and learn from local experts how to discern the subtle flavors of Messinia’s renowned extra virgin olive oil. You are in a region that produces excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, which has been an important part of people’s daily lives for centuries.

More Local Area Highlights

Visit Gialova Lagoon, one of the most iconic spots in Messinia and discover the art of shore fishing using the method of Catch & Release with the help of local fisherman. During the fishing experience, you will receive expert advice, tips and tricks throughout and get acquainted with this significant sand – dune ecosystem. During the birds’ migration period, you will have the opportunity to meet numerous migratory birds as Gialova lagoon provides shelter to 217 bird species.

Discover the rich history and fine culinary tradition of Messinia and explore unspoiled nature. Messinian Picnic is an all-encompassing experience that gives the opportunity to walk through history, feel, see and listen to nature, and savor local delicacies. Against a background of unspoiled nature, meet some of the ladies from Pylos, enjoy delicacies with a twist and become acquainted with authentic Greek hospitality at first hand.

Delve deep into the myths and legends of this Mycenaean royal palace at Ano Eglianos, which features in Homer’s account of the Trojan War.

Explore the fascinating site through an engaging Q & A, learn how to read and write some logograms of Linear B, the earliest attested form of Greek, and create your own writing system, the one and only “Linear D” (since A, B and C are already taken).

In the “throne room” of the best-preserved Mycenaean palace ever discovered, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an intriguing philosophical game.

Participate in the preparation of traditional delicacies with a group of local women while they sing regional folk songs a capella, a Messinian practice that brings locals together to eat, drink and sing.

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greek thinkers on a ‘Philosophy Walk’ against the idyllic backdrop of the Messinian countryside.Led by classical scholars, these walks offer a unique opportunity to discuss important modern-day issues through the prism of ancient Greek philosophical thinking and find answers to contemporary problems by drawing on the wisdom of the past.

Indicative topics:

REVENGE – seen through the prism of Moral Values and Justice
POLITICS & PHILOSOPHY – Is there such a thing as ’Uncorrupted’?, propose how this may be possible

Gain a fascinating insight into the everyday life of a 17th-century Greek Orthodox monk on this tour of a fortified Byzantine monastic complex. Built in the late 12th-early 13th century, Andromonastiro was for hundreds of years home to men who had chosen to devote themselves to contemplation and prayer.

Explore this impressively restored monastery and discover what it was like to live there more than 300 years ago: clothing, food, rituals, punishment, work and perils. The tour concludes with an exclusively arranged treat of the finest local produce in the Synodikon hall, the very same hall where – centuries ago – travelers were received and offered hospitality.

A stellar experience. With virtually no light pollution, Costa Navarino is the ideal spot to look through a telescope and investigate the cosmos. Each Astronomy Night begins when the stars come out and usually lasts a couple of hours, when planets glow brightly in the sky and starlight illuminates the night.

Organized by Navarino Environmental Observatory and Navarino Natura Hall, trained observers will take you on a unique guided tour of the night sky.

The word “botany” derives from the ancient Greek noun βοτάνη (botanē) meaning “grass”, “fodder” or “herb”.

Messinian aromatic plants such as rosemary, lavender, oregano, thyme, basil and mint have been used in herbal medicine since ancient times.

Take a tour of Costa Navarino’s vegetable and botanical gardens and learn how to recognize these gifts of nature and use them for their health benefits or in everyday cooking.

Many local trees, flowers and herbs are associated with ancient myths and folktales, while the garden vegetables are the centrepiece of the Mediterranean and the Messinian diet.

Transform ordinary outfits into wearable works of art. Bring your own denim shorts or summer t-shirt and decorate it with local designs and patterns. You will soon discover that the possibilities are endless, as you turn an unremarkable garment into a personalized artwork.

Before leaving, participants will be given an instruction manual and the tools to continue pursuing their embroidered outfit dreams at home.