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The design of the resort brings together the luxury branding of St. Regis and the natural beauty of Vommuli Island. In this island paradise, the ultimate luxury is time. Time to connect with loved ones, to relax and recharge, and to appreciate the beautiful but fragile ecology that is the Maldives. Therefore, we chose a strong eco awareness design theme, as expressed through modern and contemporary architecture and interior design, yet very respectful of tradition, local culture, and the values of St. Regis the brand. Through the experience of each space and place, and the stories it tells, we hope to inspire our guests to understand more about themselves and the precious world we live in.

Vommuli Island Aerial
Vommuli Island Aerial

The Lagoon Zone

The lagoon is the home of many sea creatures that live in or around the atoll. When we swam in and around the lagoon, we saw many marine creatures that inspired us: The Villas are inspired by manta rays, with their graceful form and distinctive cephalic lobes. The Whale Bar is inspired by the whale shark. The Iridium spa is inspired by a crustacean.

The Beach Zone

The beach is made of coral sand, a feature of which is that it remains cool throughout the intense heat of the sun. The villa is inspired by a fisherman's hut that was found on the beach when we first came here before any construction began.

The Jungle Zone

Vommuli Island has a lush and dense jungle spread over the whole inner island. Inspired by the many mature trees and flora and fauna in this zone, we conserved and protected many trees and plants during construction to maintain the essential character. The garden villa is a reminder of the lushness of the jungle. Outside the compound walls is the rawness of the jungle, whereas inside the compound is a tropical garden with many local flowering plants that can be found in typical Maldivian villages. In the heart of the jungle is the nature discovery center, Vommuli House, a design inspired by a large banyan tree in the dense vegetation. Its distinctive branching form and space is like the roots of the tree, and in each 'branch' are recreational and educational eco activities that cater to and bring together different generations of a family.

The Coastal Zone

On the south side of Vommuli is a distinctive coastline where the island comes close to the coral reef that encircles it. As such, the coastal family villas here are divided into two varieties; six units that jut out of the jungle and are half perched on the rocky coast, and six units that sit on the rocky shoals that fringe the island. The design of the villas are reminiscent of the Maldivian Dhoni that sail these waters, and the two story volume is wrapped by a sail inspired roof that opens on two sides to reveal expansive decks and verandahs that celebrate the sea views.

Two-Bedroom Overwater Villa
Two-Bedroom Overwater Villa

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort