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Take in the atmosphere of Satoyama Park

Attend an event or enjoy a picnic amidst the rural landscapes of Satoyama Park near our hotel Learn More
Hotel guests can take a stroll to nearby Minokamo Kenkonomori Park
Our hotel is a convenient choice near the River Port Park Minokamo

Nearby Things To Do

マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

The Marketplace offers a convenient selection of snacks and drinks. There are also restaurants around the hotel where you can enjoy local specialties. Please ask our staff for recommendations.


2.1 KM

Menu : Omelet with rice, pasta, pancake, coffee, tea

ドチリタカサリンガ (Docilita Casalinga)

2.3 KM

Menu : Pasta, salad, espresso, sweets

酒籠 ともじ (Tomoji)

3.4 KM

Menu : Sashimi, grilled fish, local cuisine

ベッカライ・フジムラ (Bäckerei Fujimura)

3.4 KM

Menu : Toast, sandwiches, ice cream, scones

農園カフェ ヤマキマルシェ (Farm Cafe Yamaki)

3.4 KM

Menu : Tea, sandwiches, breakfast set menu

圧力なべ 極うどんたくあん (Kiwami Udon Takuan)

4.0 KM

Menu : Ramen noodles, udon, soba, donburi (rice dishes)

焼肉 みどりや (Yakiniku Midoriya)

5.1 KM

Menu : Yakiniku (Japanese Barbecue)


5.4 KM

Menu : Coffee, cake

Fairfield by Marriott Gifu Seiryu Satoyama Park