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Park Café Restaurant Notice:
Park Café restaurant will resume operation for breakfast and lunch as of May 29th. The new restaurant on the third floor is scheduled to open in early August. Stay tuned!

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Park Café- Dining Area

Park Cafe


Experience culinary excellence at our Seoul cafe, Park Cafe serves diverse dishes from sustainable organic ingredients, offering a vivid culinary journey from breakfast buffet in Seoul.

7:00 AM-2:30 PM



0.5 KM

Starbucks is a global coffeehouse chain known for its wide range of coffee and other beverages, offering a cozy atmosphere for customers to enjoy.
On the Border (온더보더 IFC점)

0.7 KM

A restaurant serving Mexican and Texas-style American cuisine, offering tacos and grilled steak dishes.
Five Guys (파이브 가이즈 여의도)

1.0 KM

Where juicy burgers, crispy fries, and a laid-back vibe meet to create the ultimate fast-casual dining experience.

Jinjin Dumpling Soup (진진만두국)

1.0 KM

Jinjin Mandu in Yeouido offers a variety of delicious dumplings and hearty soups, known for their friendly service and rich flavors.

Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)

1.5 KM

A nourishing Korean restaurant where both flavor and health are prioritized, using high-quality ingredients.
Shuchiku (슈치쿠)

2.0 KM

Enjoy sushi and sashimi made with fresh ingredients while taking in the scenic view.
Baekrihyang (백리향)

2.0 KM

Where authentic Chinese cuisine is served, elevating the dining atmosphere with attentive service.

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