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Experience your own private island in the Seychelles. Situated 30km north of Mahe North Island a Luxury Collection Resort is a 5 star hotel which offers complete privacy for the ultimate Seychelles honeymoon, romantic retreat or exclusive family escape. Just 11 ocean view villas are hidden amidst 201 hectares of exquisite natural beauty each measuring over 450sqm with private plunge pools and direct access to the beach. Luminous white sands, granite peaks and turquoise waters provide infinite opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Activities range from snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and sunset cruises to exploring tropical trails by foot, bicycle or private buggy. Enjoy the spa or luxuriate in the 45m infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. Picnic at one of the islands four pristine beaches or delight in deluxe dining at the Piazza or Sunset Beach Bar. PLEASE NOTE a minimum 4 night stay is required when searching for rates and availability.

Rooms & Suites

Luxury the Way Nature Intended It

North Island

Sink your feet into the warm sands of a piece of rare, unspoiled paradise. In the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, 30km north of Mahé Island in the Seychelles, you’ll find this private island, waiting to welcome you. Cared for by our environmentally conscious philosophy, North Island offers an up-close-and-personal experience with some of the most beautiful creatures in nature.

The Piazza - Aerial View
Far From It All, Close to Nature

Accessible only by helicopter, North Island allows you to escape in the true sense of the word. No distractions. No crowds. Just exquisite bliss. 

Conservation - Turtles
Rich in the Rarest Beauty

Only four degrees south of the equator, our balmy waters are teaming with life. From colourful schools of exotic fish to sea turtles and rays. 

Conservation - Seychelles White Eye
Conservation & Preservation

Your stay automatically contributes to the conservation of our very precious environment. Participation in our Noah’s Ark programme is also open to all guests. 

Barefoot Luxury

Feel the tension of modern life slip off you as you tune in to the rhythm of the island. North Island offers the absolute in luxury, personalized to your preferences, delivered in the warmth and humility that is intrinsic of the Seychellois culture. We call it barefoot luxury. With only 11 villas, generously spread out, this is true exclusivity. You might easily feel like you’re the only ones here. 

Villa North Island - Views
Relaxed, Elegant Exclusivity

Slip into deep relaxation in one of our 10, utterly private, 450sqm Beachfront Villas. Or book Villa North Island, for 750sqm of ultimate space and seclusion. 

Meticulously Personalized Luxury

No detail in our service is too small to design around your preferences. Your personal island host will ensure every whim is answered and even anticipated. 

Extraordinary Dining

Experience candlelit fine dining at the Piazza overlooking East Beach, complemented by fine vintages from the Wine Cellar. Alternatively relax with sunset cocktails and canapés, followed by sumptuous beach barbecues and wood-fired pizzas at Sunset Beach Bar.

The Piazza - Exterior

North Island Dining

North Island offers and unmatched level of personalization and generosity to each guest, particularly with the culinary experience. Daily menus are designed according to the latest Island harvest with special consideration given to your favourites along with any dietary requirements you may have.

Sunset Beach

Private Dining

Your bespoke dining experience can be enjoyed anywhere on the island. Our chefs will be delighted to discuss your precise requirements with you and your dedicated Guest Experience Host and Villa Attendant will bring them to life. Let us spoil, surprise and delight you.

In-Villa Dining

In-Villa Dining

The Piazza offers gracious candlelit dining with the gentle sounds of the ocean setting the scene for a romantic evening. This is the ideal venue for a sophisticated date night, and showcases the “smooth” aspect of the Island.

Unique Private Dining

North Island’s 201 hectares of natural beauty offers a wealth of secluded spots perfect for romantic moments for two, or special memories shared as a family. From the privacy of your expansive villa where you can dine overlooking panoramic ocean views to the romance of Honeymoon Beach, a paradise reserved just for you and your private beach picnic – the choice of picturesque destinations is endless.

North Island Private Dining

There is a wealth of picturesque private dining locations to choose from on North Island. Enjoy a gourmet picnic at Honeymoon Beach, dine under the stars on the Helipad, or settle into sunset canapés and champagne at The Cross. The entire island is at your disposal.

Dining Under The Stars
Beach Movie Night

Luxurious Private Villas

North Island features just eleven private guest villas, offering each guest an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and luxury. Our villas have all been created from local materials harvested during the island rehabilitation process, balancing luxury and simplicity to form a signature architectural style we call “barefoot luxury”. Your villa will become your own private beach home. The colors evoke the marine environment and the fusion of rough and smooth textures and simple and sophisticated forms combine to create an entirely authentic, contextual, and sumptuous sanctuary.

Our Villas on North Island

North Island provides an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and privacy, with just eleven ocean-view villas hidden amidst 201 hectares of tropical paradise, each measuring over 450sqm with private plunge pools and direct access to the beach.

Beachfront Villa - Living Area

Infinity Pool

Designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, North Island’s infinity pool is carved into the granite slopes of Spa Hill, curving around giant boulders as it weaves its way along the contour, with azure water that vanishes into infinite ocean views.

Enriching Experiences & Explorations

Whether a romantic or family getaway, we offer an array of activities to fill your time with relaxation, play, adventure, beauty and stories to take back home.

More Than a Luxury Destination

A perfect fusion of energy and relaxation, of indulgence and wellness, of luxury and giving back.



North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles

Ile du Nord, North Island, Seychelles

Tel: +248 4-293100
Distance from Property: 52.0 KM
Phone Number: +248 -384000
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Plan and Prepare for your Stay

North Island

Spending time with our Environmental Team or simply exploring the island on your own will allow you to appreciate the effort that has gone into rehabilitating this natural idyll. The natural beauty of Seychelles has inspired our island conservation practices and philosophies and has also influenced the design of our guest spaces. Learn more about Seychelles, North Island, and our diverse ecosystem.

North Island, Seychelles
Private Island

More About North Island

Located amongst the inner granitic islands of Seychelles, North Island is a fertile paradise. The natural beauty of North Island will touch and inspire you at the deepest level. Islands have been referred to as the “laboratories of evolution” and North Island biodiversity is living proof of this. Spending time with our Environmental Team or simply exploring the island at your own pace will allow you to appreciate the results of the effort that has gone into rehabilitating this natural idyll. The setting and natural beauty of Seychelles has inspired our island conservation practices and philosophies, and has also influenced the design of our spaces. Learn more about Seychelles and North Island, the diverse ecosystem, as well as our media recognition and curated content.

North Island is a fertile paradise – the perfect setting for our Noah’s Ark conservation and island rehabilitation program. The natural beauty of North Island will touch and inspire you at the deepest level.

North Island is a conservation-oriented, ethically driven company inspired by specific philosophies.

For North Island - Always honor the environment in which we live and work above all else. Our unceasing endeavor shall be to turn back the ecological clock. For Our Guests - We will spoil you and make you feel special. We will respect your needs and your expectations. We will strive to provide you with a unique educational experience. We will invite you to participate in our conservation programs. For Our Staff - We recognize that you are one of our prime resources and a valued intermediary between the environment, our guests and our partners. We will share the experience of this journey with you. We will encourage and train you to acquire valuable life skills. For the Company - We will constantly endeavor to improve and innovate. We undertake to add value to the environment in which we live, for the benefit of North Island, Seychelles, our guests, our partners and those who work for us. In the management of our affairs, we shall always conduct ourselves with integrity. We shall not submit to any request that compromises our philosophies.

Ile du Nord was the first Seychelles island on which a recorded landing was made by seafarers. An expedition in 1609 by Captain Sharpeigh and the crew of the English East India Company vessel Ascension reported that the island had a large population of giant land tortoises. Along with all other Seychelles islands, North Island was still uninhabited at that time.

From 1826 until the 1970's, North Island was owned by the Beaufond family from Reunion. During this time the island was a plantation for growing fruit and spices, as well as producing guano, fish oil and copra. After the copra market collapsed, the plantation was sold in the 1970's, and North Island fell into disuse. Feral animals and alien plant species out-competed the indigenous fauna and flora with distressing consequences. A new chapter in the history of North Island began in 1997 when North Island was purchased with a view to creating not just the world’s leading private island hideaway, but also of turning back the clock: undoing the damage wrought by man, and creating a sanctuary for indigenous Seychellois wildlife. A unique opportunity existed to rehabilitate, preserve and study the island’s ecosystems.

In becoming a completely plastic-free island, North Island banned single-use plastic straws and only uses eco-friendly compostable food containers for activities around the island.

This is in addition to stringent waste management processes including extensive recycling, grey water systems, and our own sustainable water bottling plant. In keeping North Island’s private beaches perfectly pristine, our resident Environmentalists and eco-tourist volunteers set off on beach patrol each and every morning, collecting any debris carried by the trade winds while searching for nesting sea turtles. We are committed to removing these items and ensuring they enter the proper recycling routes, making sure they do not enter the oceans once more. North Island’s beach protection over the last two decades has safeguarded the nesting sites of critically-endangered Hawksbills and endangered Green Turtles which has seen a remarkable increase in the number of turtles utilizing the island.

North Island’s vision is a declared Ecological Marine Reserve, further protecting the area from fishing and potentially harmful marine activities. The island’s Marine Protected Area proposal is supported by data collection by means of biannual scientific marine surveys conducted by trained marine biologists since 2011.

The surveys quantify the diversity and abundance of the reef fish, hard and soft corals, marine invertebrates and predatory species. North Island has also recently purchased our own BRUVs (baited remote underwater videos) which help in closely monitoring predatory species – which come in all shapes and sizes, from sharks to groupers and octopus. A healthy and diverse predatory guild is an indication of a healthy reef ecosystem.

North Island has been alternatively neglected and exploited throughout its history. Many alien species of plants and animals remained behind after the copra plantation on North Island became uneconomical in the 1970s. These alien species thrived and greatly impacted the indigenous Seychellois flora and fauna.

In tandem with creating a world-class eco-tourism destination, we have been working hard to restore North Island to its former glory. Evidence of the success of this programme has been the fact that bird species such as Seychelles Blue Pigeons and breeding populations of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters and White-tailed Tropicbirds have returned of their own accord. Hawksbill and Green Turtles nest on our beaches once more, in ever increasing numbers.

North Island is a critically important nesting site for two species of sea turtle, the Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) and Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas). Both species have been legally protected in Seychelles waters since 1994. Every morning, dedicated on-site conservationists together with eco-tourist volunteers patrol the four beaches for signs of turtles.

Turtle nests are marked out and labelled with bamboo sticks and a coconut, stating the date laid and the species. All the data recorded is captured in our turtle database. Turtles which already have identification tags are recorded and those without are given unique titanium tags.

While some bird species returned of their own accord once North Island again afforded them a suitable habitat, others needed a little more help. At the time one of the rarest birds in the world, a founder population of just 25 Seychelles White-Eyes was reintroduced to North Island in 2007, and their population on the island is now more than five times its original size.

These tiny, charismatic birds have set up territories across the island and the growth in their numbers shows that they are breeding successfully. Continuing efforts to rehabilitate the vegetation on North Island as well as the dramatic reduction in the Common Myna population are undoubtedly contributing to the continued increase in the Seychelles White-eye population. Thanks to this reintroduction programme, and similar efforts on other islands, the Seychelles White-Eye has been brought back from the brink of extinction. North Island is responsible for a significant proportion of the world population of the species: a responsibility we bear with genuine pride.

The Aldabra Giant Tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea), one of the largest tortoise species on Earth, is endemic to the Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles. Formerly giant tortoises were found on many Indian Ocean islands but became extinct historically due to exploitation by sailors from passing ships.

Live tortoises would be taken on board ships to supplement meager rations. In 1997, only a handful of Giant Aldabra Tortoises were left on the island, including the well-known big males Brutus and Patrick. Currently, between 80 and 100 tortoises roam North Island free from harm, most of which were donations from other islands, with some as old as 150 years of age. Baby tortoises under the age of two can also be seen in our baby-tortoise pen, where they are protected until big enough to be seen on the roads.

Environment Centre

Environment Centre

Filled with informative posters and artifacts, the Environment Centre is a treasure trove for learning about the island’s indigenous fauna and flora. More than that, it is an interactive experience where you can meet conservationists to head out and about on the island, allowing you to marvel at the full scope of what has been done in order to create a true ‘Noah’s Ark’ in the Indian Ocean.

The Library

The Library

If you’re looking for something to escape with in the shade, the library houses a large selection of books to choose from. You can also take a closer look at some of the fascinating historical artifacts from the coconut plantation era on North Island.

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What are the check-in and check-out times at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles?

The check-in time at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles is 3:00 pm and the check-out time is 11:00 am.

Does North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles allow pets?

The pet policy at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles is:

Pets Not Allowed

What are the parking options at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles?

The parking options at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles are:

Parking Not Available

What property amenities are available at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles?

The property amenities at North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles are:



Fitness Center

Outdoor Pool

Beach Access

Daily Housekeeping

Turndown Service


Bicycle Rental



Watercraft Rental

Gift Shop


Activities for Kids

Wake up Calls

Free Wifi

Free Continental and Full American and Hot Breakfast

Does North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles have Wi-Fi?

Yes, North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles has free Wi-Fi available to hotel guests.

North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles

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