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Experiences in Kyoto, Japan


Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto is located next to the jade-green Hozu River, in front of Arashiyama and near top attractions like Kinkakuji Temple and Nishiki Market. After a day of exploring Kyoto, Japan, return to our hotel and relax with a pampering spa treatment.

On-Site Outlets
SHIROSUMIRE Private Spa Setup

Spa Treatment Rooms

Experience time-honoured rituals in a tranquil sanctuary. Nestled within a secluded Japanese garden, our two spa treatment rooms each feature a traditional private open-air bath fed with healing waters cultivated from the Arashiyama hot springs.

Relaxation In Kyoto

Indigenous & Blissful

At Suiran, you can enjoy exceptional spa experience in a private spa or in your room. We offer indigenous spa menu such as treatment with valuable tea seed oil, scrub with green tea, and facial treatments.

Japanese room with large window and view of private courtyard.
Spa Treatments

"Seiran" Signature Treatment

Experience body care treatment using “Zuko," a traditional fragrance to purify your spirit, followed by Tea Seed Oil body treatment, and facial with Jade Stone and Collagen Mask.

"Gekka" Signature Treatment

Special oil treatment along with Lunar cycles and your body rhythm adjust your body balance and remove fatigue. Relax and rest deeply with body care treatment using “Zuko," a traditional fragrance to purify your spirit, facial treatment with Jade Stone.

"Sansui" Signature Treatment

Foot Scrub by luxury green tea powder and Bubble Foot treatment with the hotel’s original organic soap followed by half body aroma oil treatment takes you on a journey of deep relaxation.

Tokinoyuka Garden

Take a walk through the beautiful Takinoyuka Garden and enjoy the sights and smells of plants and flowers.


Ancient Temples

Located only a short distance from the hotel are many ancient temples for you to visit. Be sure to see the Kodaji Temple, Tenryuji Temple, and Hogonin Temple.

Cafe Hassui exterior with red tree foliage and gravel walkway.

Kinkakuji Temple

One of Kyoto's most famous attractions, this temple was originally built in 1397 as a residence for shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. The structure was completely covered in gold leaf, earning it the name Golden Pavilion.

Kyo Suiran Exterior entrance at dusk with gravel walkway and low lighting.

Ran Theater Kyoto

The concept of RAN is to have a fun filled night with traditional music and local sake and beer. Here you can see all the famous traditional musicians under one roof.

Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum

This is a samurai village and samurai house including a ninja dojo inside the museum. There is ninja park for kids and a separate kimono tea ceremony room for families also available.

Kyoto Railway Museum

Kyoto Railway Museum is Kyoto's newest museum and the biggest railway museum in Japan with a diverse range of exhibits dedicated to Japan's rich history.

Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto