Environmentally-Friendly Golf Course Programs

Golf course scenery at the Ritz-Carlton Members Club in Sarasota, FL

Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries

As a leader in the golf industry, Marriott’s Global Golf Division has enabled a number of its managed courses throughout the world to become Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries.

“Marriott’s Global Golf Division is proud to be part of the company’s broader green initiatives by supporting Audubon Certification, golf’s environmental gold standard. Our goal is to engage our guests and associates from around the world in environmental stewardship, furthering our commitment to promote the game of golf in an eco-friendly way.”
- Robert Waller, Senior Director of Grounds, Marriott Global Golf Division

About the Program

Audubon International has enrolled over 4,000 properties in the golf & recreation and hospitality industries in their rigorous certification programs. Many golf organizations, including the United States Golf Association (USGA) has been a strong supporter of sustainability efforts in the golf industry.

Certification Process

In order to achieve Audubon Certification, each golf facility is required to demonstrate that it is maintaining the highest degree of environmental quality in many areas, including: 

  • Environmental Planning 
  • Wildlife & Habitat Management 
  • Outreach & Education 
  • Chemical Use Reduction & Safety 
  • Water Conservation 
  • Water Quality Management

Marriott’s Global Golf Division Certified Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Our Partner, Audubon International

“Marriott’s Global Golf Division represents a model for us at Audubon International, and a model for environmental management throughout the golf industry. Their commitment to Audubon International’s environmental certification is just one level of the best management practices Marriott’s Global Golf Division demonstrates. We are proud to be associated with their suite of outstanding golf course facilities. Not only do they protect the future of the game, but their work improves the health of the communities within which they live and work.”
- Doug Bechtel, Executive Director

Marriott's Commitment to Environmental Conservation

Marriott’s environmental vision is to demonstrate that corporate responsibility in hospitality management can be a positive force for the environment while creating economic opportunities around the world. By our example, we hope to inspire personal action in the communities where we live and work.

Audubon on ESPA

The Environmental Sustainability Performance Award Program (ESPA) serves as a benchmark for environmental stewardship across the Company’s worldwide golf portfolio. The ESPA Program is based on four key achievement criteria, including:

  • Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses
  • Water Conservation Strategy
  • Carbon Footprinting Plan
  • Marriott’s Global Golf Conservation Scorecard