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In the USA & Canada:

Marriott: 1-888-236-2427

Starwood: 1-888-625-4988

Global reservations centers

Group & Event Planning

In the USA & Canada: 1-800-831-4004

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Credit Cards

Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and SPG credit cards are serviced by the issuing banks as well as our Loyalty Care team.

For questions and issues related to card upgrades, card replacements, charge disputes, and other payment questions regarding your credit card, please contact the issuing bank.

For questions related to your loyalty account, participating hotels, and other Marriott-specific program questions, please contact our Loyalty Care team.

In the USA & Canada:

American Express
• Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Credit Card: 1-800-297-1000
• Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Credit Card: 1-833-674-7267
• Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Business Card: 1-800-926-0143
• SPG Rewards Loyalty Care Team: 1-888-625-4988

• Chase (Marriott Rewards Credit Card): 1-800-338-5960
• JPMorgan (Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card): 1-855-896-2222
• Marriott Rewards Loyalty Care Team: 1-801-468-4000

• American Express: 1-336-393-1111
• Chase (Marriott Rewards Credit Cards): 1-302-594-8200
• JPMorgan (Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card): 1-614-776-7050
Global customer support for SPG and Marriott Rewards

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Customer Support

In the USA & Canada:

Marriott: 1-800-535-4028

Starwood: 1-800-521-9672

The Marriott Internet Customer Care team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Loyalty Program Members

For faster service, please call from the phone number listed in your account.
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If you do not see points credited from a past stay, please submit a missing stay form

In the USA & Canada:

Marriott Rewards: 1-801-468-4000

SPG Rewards: 1-888-625-4988

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