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Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel

55-57 Avenue Raymond Poincare · Paris 75116 France

  • +33-1-44 05 66 10

Le Barisien

  • +33-1-44 05 66 10

Embrace a cozy Parisian lifestyle at Le Barisien. Comfortable and inviting, our chic new generation bar features a garden setting in the heart of Paris. Our menus put the spotlight on locally produced products to create inspiring cocktails and traditional French cuisine.

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The bar for the Parisians of one day and always

Paris locals, hotel guests, business associates and private events can all find comfort in a top-quality culinary and bar experience at Le Barisien. Here you’ll find great value for your money, including our 19€ Menu, all served in a relaxed, vegetal atmosphere. Featuring one of Paris’ largest indoor gardens and a heated outdoor terrace, you and your party can relax on comfortable lounge chairs or gather at tables in the shade of large parasols.

A new generation bar

Located in the heart of a historic Paris neighborhood, come, sit back, and soak up all the intimate atmosphere and great amenities of our new generation experience, created in part by:

  • A living vegetal wall, embellished with a fluorescent Le Barisien light
  • Glass walls with views of our luminous garden, the bartenders and our alcohol selection
  • A black and white map of Paris on the roof for a ‘City of Lights’ atmosphere
  • High tables equipped with electromagnetic induction chargers, no wire
  • Music playlist that changes according to the time, complementing the French theme of the bar for lunch or the festive and relaxed evening atmosphere


Opening Hours

A casual dining destination, Le Barisien is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hours: 10am to midnight

19€ Menu served from noon to 3pm
A la carte menu served from 11:00am to 10:30pm

About the Chef

Xavier Pistol, heir of a family of chefs, started his culinary career under the Caribbean sun. On the island of Guadeloupe, he developed his gourmand home cooking. In 2009, he integrated in an influential Spanish hotel group, a gathering of different prestigious establishments and advanced his career during a three-year span. His style is inspired from Spanish gastronomic cuisine, gourmet and spicy, with a combination of a thorough presentation and design on his plates. Full of ideas, our promising young chef joined the Relais du Parc in April 2016. He works only with fresh and local products, which creates all the richness of his dishes.

Specials & Events

Le Barisien creates a unique ‘Evenings at Renaissance’ every Thursday, as we feature a DJ or a musician and singer to animate the bar. Guests and locals are encouraged to take time after the working day to transition into an incredible evening of discovery with live music and a friendly atmosphere.

Additionally, a complimentary punch bowl is offered every evening to our hotel guests. This cocktail is prepared in a large copper bucket by our barman. With new tastes every day!

Get In Touch


Phone: +33-144056610


Policies/Payment Information

  • Credit/debit cards accepted (VISA/MasterCard/American Express)
  • Cash
  • Ticket Restaurant


Valet parking available:

  • 15 EUR per 4 hours
  • 35 EUR per 8 hours
  • 45 EUR per 24 hours

Off-site parking fee:

  • 5 EUR hourly, 40 EUR daily