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The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club

501 5th Avenue NE · St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 USA

Paul’s Landing

About Paul's Landing

Inspired by the pioneer spirit of William Paul, our new restaurant features the Mediterranean Revival style of our hotel in a contemporary setting. Elevated to provide direct views of the waterfront, our mission is to provide a dining experience that pays tribute to the land’s history while incorporating the variety of flavors of Florida.

History of Paul's Landing

Our story dates back over 150 years, when the land we sit on today was shaded by tall pines, ancient oak trees and saw palmettos. A railroad depot for cargo ships was proposed on the 80-acre stretch as part of the rapidly growing railway expansion across America. When U.S. Navy surveyors first arrived, the team’s carpenter, William Paul, began construction on the settlement. He built temporary barracks to house the men and the first pier on record in St. Petersburg. The short pier was intended for commercial use, but no one could resist dropping a line or casting a net to catch teems of fish from the bay. Looking out over the marina you can almost imagine these early homesteaders dining on grilled oysters pulled from the beds along the shore, fresh grouper and snapper reeled in from the pier and smoked mullet and quail from the log smokehouse that Paul built at the edge of camp.

When plans for the depot fell through, the Navy packed up and shipped out. But Paul had other plans in mind and dreamed of an orange grove among the tall pines. He returned with his family, all of their worldly possessions, including fifty orange tree seedlings, and dubbed the spot “Paul’s Landing”. The abandoned camp transformed into a seaside haven for this former U.S. Navy man with a penchant for smoked fish and a dream to develop St. Pete’s first commercial citrus grove. Sadly, after only three years, William fell ill, moved back north and never saw his plantings come to fruition. But in 1923 the blossoming sweet orange trees gave way to another legend of a golf ball, a pocket watch and a bet to build the Vinoy Park Hotel.

So, as you dine in our in our new landmark restaurant, raise your glass to William Paul, an early pioneer who planted some of Florida’s best produce on our breezy shores and the inspiration for the citrusy, American wheat collaboration between our Chef and the Brewmaster at 3 Daughter’s Brewing.