Hotel Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo 07020 Italy
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Meeting Venues

Whether gathering informally in our gardens, hosting an elegant dinner, or conducting a formal business meeting, guests will relish our staff's genuine warmth and flawless attention to every detail. Just 10 minutes away, the Conference Centre in Porto Cervo offers extended meeting facilities for a wider choice.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Center

Foyer | Conference Center
Crystal waters, pristine beaches, untouched nature and the efficiency of our meeting facilities for your events in Porto Cervo. Experience our meeting rooms and discover the Foyer. The Foyer, taking advantage of natural daylight, welcomes guests in a refined elegant atmosphere of 85 square meters, featuring a more intimate space for your celebrations for up to 110 guests.
Sardegna | Conference Center
Experience your meetings in a stunning setting with breathtaking views, emerald crystal waters mere steps away, and sweeping vistas on the Rocky Mountains covered with the Mediterranean fauna. Sala Sardegna is one of the biggest meeting rooms in Costa Smeralda, with a capacity of up to 700 guests.
Erica | Conference Center
Sala Erica is one of the four adjacent meeting rooms composing the ample Sala Sardegna. With a capacity of up to 113 guests, Sala Erica offers 112 m² of large bright space and a ceiling height of 5.5 m. Sala Erica can be combined with the other rooms Sala Ginepro, Sala Leccio and Sala Mirto, according to your needs.
Ginepro | Conference Center
With a capacity of up to 130 guests, Sala Ginepro offers 112 m² of luxurious features for your most important meetings, events and celebrations. Sala Ginepro is one of the splendid magnificent meeting rooms composing the large Sala Sardegna.
Erica + Ginepro | Conference Center
This astonishing Sala Sardegna can be divided into the two magnificent Sala Erica and Sala Ginepro, with a new arrangement for up to 260 guests. Sala Sardegna fulfills all your necessities for the most important meetings and events in Costa Smeralda, making your meetings and celebrations extraordinary moments.
Sala Leccio | Conference Center
Sala Sardegna offers an ample environment exalted by big windows, modern luxurious amenities and a magnificent style. Sala Leccio is one of the four adjacent meeting rooms composing Sala Sardegna, accommodating up to 130 guests in its 112 m² of large sumptuous space.
Sala Mirto | Conference Center
This splendid meeting rooms is named after the famous local liquor "Mirto", obtained from the myrtle plant and expressing true Sardinian soul and spirit. The Sala Sardegna, upon request, can be divided into four different and connecting rooms and a pre-function area. The Sala Mirto is the first autonomous and separate area composing the larger Sala Sardegna and can accommodate up to 130 guests.
Leccio + Mirto | Conference Center
Sala Sardegna is one of the biggest and most efficient meeting spaces in Costa Smeralda, enhanced by modern facilities and luxurious amenities. This ample meeting room can be arranged into the two Sala Leccio and Mirto, accommodating up to 260 for meetings, celebrations, conferences and the most exclusive events in Porto Cervo.
Leccio + Mirto (Plus) | Conference Center
Sala Sardegna allows guests to arrange this large area and fulfill all your requirements. Ceiling tracks and mobile walls sub-divides this large ample room, assuring the possibility of setting the room for a wide range of events and meetings. The union of Sala Leccio, Sala Mirto and the Pre-function Area can accommodate up to 410 guests in the stunning Costa Smeralda.
Smeralda A | Cervo Club
Stylish amenities, luxurious conference facilities and modern spaces make our Sala Smeralda A the ideal setting for all your events in Costa Smeralda. The Sala Smeralda A is a sophisticated, naturally lit venue which adds elegance and sumptuousness to your meetings in celebrations. Sala Smeralda A, with 150 m² of meeting space and 3-meter-high ceiling, offers an elegant superb location for your most important and events in Porto Cervo.
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