Rituals for Exotic Nuptials

The Andaman exudes tropical island romance, setting the scene for a captivating occasion for the happy couple. With the assistance of The Andaman’s expert wedding curators, flawless nuptials exude the timeless traditions and mystical legends of Langkawi, along with the luxury comforts and meticulous service the resort is noted for. Newlyweds can create their own story, reliving their romantic journey as they tie the knot amid a spectacular natural backdrop of the Datai Bay, ranked as the 9th Best Beach by National Geographic.  

Wedding Rituals

Not only is Langkawi renowned for its legendary tales but its authentic heritage and customs. Couples can engage in pre-wedding rituals before saying I do.  

'Mandi Bunga' Floral Bath
This traditional Malay ritual takes place a day before or in the morning of the wedding. It symbolises an act of purification or cleansing for the wedding ceremony that can be performed at any of our outdoor venues.

The couple are seated side by side facing their guests, next to two large terracotta urns that contain blessed water mixed with floral essence and petals. Representatives from both families will then take turns dishing out the scented water with wooden ladles to pour over the bride and groom.

Guests are then invited one by one to bath the couple, and offer their blessings for the ceremony ahead. Once the ritual is completed, the couple is then led away to prepare for the wedding.
Coral Saving Ritual
In addition to the lush tropical rainforest, The Andaman is blessed with another treasure, a fringing Coral Reef believed to be about 8,000 years old. The Reef was badly damaged in the terrible tsunami of 2004 and this combined with other factors has led to a decline of this precious habitat.

Our unique Coral Saving Ritual presents an opportunity to help Mother Nature recover the Reef and is part of the resort’s ongoing Coral Conservation programmes. The Ritual takes place at the Coral Nursery and involves the transplanting of live Coral colonies onto new heart-shaped substrates made using recycled dead Corals from the Reef. This substrate will then be placed into the Nursery for observation before being eventually relocated to the Reef where it will contribute not only to the growth of the Reef but also aid the regeneration of fish populations.
Hornbill Feeding Ritual
This is an authentic Andaman wedding rite that is both playful and endearing. It follows the mating ritual of the Hornbills where the female bird is the target of many fervent suitors, but only choose one male partner for life. An ambassador will make an announcement during dinner and carry out a wooden tray full of various fruits made from marzipan. Male members

An ambassador will make an announcement during dinner and carry out a wooden tray full of various fruits made from marzipan. Male members from the audience will each pick a fruit and offer it to the bride, but she will reject all of them until finally accepting the final fruit, which is served by her husband to be. This is an act that proclaims she has finally met and chosen her true partner in life.

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