Orlando World Center Marriott

8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821 USA
+1 407-239-4200

Planning & Catering

Coordinate with our expert team of certified wedding planners and talented catering professionals, trained to provide you with an impressive array of services to ensure a memorable wedding day. 


Elevate your wedding with innovative catering. Serving exceptional food and beverage, our award-winning catering staff can create customized menus, as well as work with any special dietary requests to meet your unique needs. 

Certified Wedding Orlando Event Planners

Our certified wedding planners are dedicated to planning the perfect event by your side. Each planner has completed specially designed course work that covers a variety of wedding traditions and etiquette, as well as catering and decorating trends. From scheduling the events of your special day to recommending the perfect table centerpiece, our planners are your go-to wedding experts. 

Golf Resort in Orlando

Pre & Post-Wedding Events

Orlando World Center Marriott offers delightful settings for your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding party luncheon, farewell brunch, and other festive events that help create a memorable experience. For more information, please call us at 1-407-238-8521 or request a quote online.

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