Local Honey

The Westin brand strives to provide our guests with hotels that incorporate our six pillars of well-being: eat well, sleep well, play well, work well, feel well and move well. As a part of our campaign to eat well our menu items feature Honey. Honey contains peptides, organic acids, enzymes and trace amounts of numerous essential minerals and vitamins. Honey promotes anti-oxidant activity in the blood stream and pro-biotic activity in the digestive tract. Honey is also nature’s best cough suppressant! Our Westin Bees aid in helping our guests be well.
For more information, visit charlottelocalhoney.com

The Local Buzz

Our Westin Bees found their new home in July of 2016. In the early hours of the morning Charlotte Local Honey installed two bee hives, each containing 50,000 bees, on our third floor rooftop. The hives are displayed directly outside of our Westin Workout facility where our guests can enjoy watching our bees hard at work through the floor to ceiling windows.

Honey on the Menu

Our rooftop bees started making honey at The Westin Charlotte in the spring of 2017. Our culinary team utilizes the honey in various drinks and dishes at our on-site bar and restaurant, JP Charlotte. We also find innovative ways to use honey in a variety of banquet dishes. Be sure to ask our servers and bartenders about various dishes on the menu that utilize our home-grown honey.

Our Beekeepers

Libby and Gerry Mack started raising honeybees in 2002. The Mack’s pamper their bees to make sure all are happy and healthy and choose only natural hive materials like wood, wire, and wax. They produce and sell local raw wildflower honey and make creamed honey in many different flavors.

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