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1900 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101 USA
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Green Hotel

The Westin Seattle hotel has instituted planet-friendly practices that go beyond "Green" while also promoting cultural sustainability and environmental responsibility. Take a glimpse at some of the green hotel programs currently in place.

Energy and Water Conservation (30/20 by 2020)

High-efficiency lighting: CFL lighting in all guestrooms, lobby and service areas
LED lighting in exterior signage, main hotel entrances, elevators, guest floor landings
Occupancy sensors in meeting rooms and service areas
Low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets in all guestrooms and public restrooms
Preventive Maintenance programs
Green program for guestroom linen and terry
Make a Green Choice program rewards guests for choosing to conserve natural resources in guestroom
Capture waste heat and recycle waste condensate from steam
Aqua Recycle laundry wash water reclaim system
Air cooled or closed loop refrigeration systems
Work closely with local utilities for the latest environmental best practices
Energy and Water Self-Audits and Action Plans

Waste Minimization

Recycling receptacles in all guestrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars and offices
Recycle plastic, cardboard, paper and glass
Recycle wooden pallets and cooking oils
Hazardous/Controlled Waste Management: recycle bulbs, batteries and computer hardware
Elimination of styrofoam
Environmentally Preferred Products: paper, construction materials, green chemicals
eFolio: electronically email folios instead of paper copy under the door
Refillable water coolers in meeting space and staff areas
Nordaq FRESH water filtration system to minimize bottled water usage/consumption (pilot)
Dumpster monitoring: currently divert 40% of our waste via recycle and compost efforts
Environmentally preferred suppliers: procurement of office paper, toilet tissue and USA Today
Bottled bath amenity donation program partner (Plymouth Housing Group)

Indoor Environmental Quality

100% smoke free policy within hotel
Green housekeeping chemicals
Cold water wash using ozone to reduce carbon based fuels
Integrated pest management
Low-emitting materials: use of paints, coatings and floor products with eco-label, low VOC emissions

Awareness and Engagement

Bike rack for associates commuting via bicycle
Bus and light rail (ORCA Pass) discounts for associates
Sustainability Champion
Sustainability/Safety Council of managers and associates
Sustainability Newsletter - monthly

Sustainable Food & Beverage

Menu & Offerings
Compost hotel food waste

Community Service/Global Citizenship

Recycle/sterilize bath soap with Clean the World partnership – saving human lives
Partnership with Alchemy Goods: to divert waste and recycle/repurpose ‘banners into bags’ program
Actively support Earth Hour and Earth Day
Sponsor for Seattle Works Day, partner with Marra Farm: an innovative food/gardening venue that creates access to fresh, nutritious and organic produce for families with lower incomes in Seattle

Sustainable Meeting Setup

Bottled water alternatives
Refillable water coolers in hotel meeting space and staff areas
Nordaq FRESH water filtration system to minimize bottled water usage/consumption
Condiments served in bulk
Environmentally-friendly chafing fuel
Clutter free meeting set-up
Energy-Efficient digital signage
Linenless break tables
Recycled content paper products
Sustainable plants and florals
Sustainable Banquet and Catering menu options
Sustainable Banquet and Catering food service and packaging
Meeting space recycling

Meeting Services & Post-Meeting Activities

Sustainable Printing Services
Sustainable Transportation Services Information
Food donation program partner (
Meeting impact report
Carbon-offset program

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