2500 Mason Street, San Francisco, California 94133 USA
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Green Hotel

The Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf Hotel is proud of the following Green memberships and awards:

Green Key Global - 4-Key Award
Green Certified Hotel from RezHub.com - 4 Green Branches
It's a Green, Green World - Member
Green Hotels Association - Member

Traveling green has many benefits, including reducing your carbon footprint, diverting waste from landfills, and saving limited resources. Here are just a few ways we're helping you make that change at our green hotel in San Francisco.

Guest Room Recycling

Your guestroom includes a blue recycle bin where we encourage you to recycle the following items:

Paper items - such as newspapers, brochures, magazines, note paper, cardboard, cartons, envelopes or wrapping paper
Bottles and Cans - such as aluminum cans or foil, glass bottles or jars (including metal caps and lids), empty spray cans or tin cans
Plastics - such as plastic bottles, lids, containers, cups, plates or toys

Energy Efficient Lighting

Your guestroom, along with most of the hotel, is equipped with energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting fixtures. We encourage you to turn off all lighting before departing your room each day. To assist with energy conservation, guestrooms on our 4th floor include a motion sensor which will automatically shut off your air conditioning unit when you leave your room. We will be adding this capability to other floors in the near future.

Organic Composting

San Francisco was the first large city in the U.S. to collect food scraps for composting. Today, hundreds of thousands of residents and about 2,000 businesses, including our green hotel in San Francisco, send over 300 tons of material each day to a composting facility. Food scraps, plant trimmings, soiled paper, and other compostables are turned into a rich soil that helps produce the organic food and wine that San Francisco is famous for.

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