AIA National Honor Award

The American Institute of Architects recognized The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel with the 1961 AIA National Honor Award for its I.M. Pei Tower, an acclaimed modern architectural tower. This original mid-20th century project consisted of 4 buildings. Denver was the first American city to build a major development that combined a hotel, department store, parking & public space. Planning began in 1954, and the 22-story hotel was completed in 1960.


I.M. Pei is a Chinese American Architect. Born in 1917, he is a considered a master of modern architecture. In 1935, he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and attended architecture school, then transferred to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduation, he joined the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His award-winning works include the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston and the famous Louvre Pyramid entrance in Paris.

How it was Made

The building is a pioneering venture in procast concrete. This material reflects Pei's philosophy that a building should come from the earth. It incorporates aggregate excavated from the site in deep Mo-Sai grillwork made in Salt Lake City, that changes the pattern with interior spaces. This shades not only the guestrooms but also the retail spaces.


Building Style

The building is characterized as an International Style with strong influences from the Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation in Marseilles, France.

Experience it Today

The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel continues to be the premier destination for the city's social events and meetings. Events both intimate and grand shine within the doors of the I.M. Pei Tower. Our seasoned culinary team will accent your experience with cuisine that exceeds expectations.

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