In-room Spa Service


Indulge in an in-room massage treatment from bliss. To guarantee availability, make your appointment before you arrive (312) 917-5605.

blissage ™ 75 + blissage ™ 105

This full-body massage will loosen you up and target your most maxed-out muscles with a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. For relaxation, improved circulation, and stress and fatigue reduction. 75 minutes and 105 minutes massages available.

deep tissue treatment

A more intensive, deep-reaching massage intended to relieve stubborn knots in areas of chronic tension. Most fitting for athletes, weekend warriors or over-rubbed regulars. 75 minutes

Bliss aromassage™

Add one of these three essential oil combinations for a signature Bliss aromassage™

A mellowing mixture of sweet orange, chamomile, and spearmint
A fatigue-fighting fix of lavender, bergamot, and sage
A balancing blend of pine, rosemary and eucalyptus


Please call Whatever/Whenever or (312) 917-5605 to inquire about prices. 18% service charge will automatically be added. A credit card must be provided and a minimum of 2 hours notice must be given to book an in-room appointment. 4 hours notice must be given to cancel an appointment or guest will be fully charged.
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