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At the Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel we understand how important it is to care for our environment and were recently awarded with a Silver certification from the Green Seal TM Environmental Standard for Lodging Properties. This means we meet environmental standards for waste minimization, water and energy efficiency, hazardous substances handling and environmentally responsible purchasing.

Toilets, faucets, and shower heads have been replaced with water conserving fixtures.
Xeriscape outdoor landscaping includes plants tolerant of climate with a soaker hose watering system.
Sweeping procedures are in place for cleaning of outside sidewalks and drives instead of hose washing.
Linens and towels are washed through a partnership with a local LEED Certified Plant.
Cleaning chemicals such as dishwashing, laundry, and housekeeping are biodegradable and environmentally preferable products.

All guest rooms, public spaces and offices equipped with recycle bins.
Used kitchen grease is recycled into bio-fuel.
Organic Food Waste and Yard Waste is recycled into fertilizer.
Damaged linen and unclaimed lost and found items such as clothing, shoes, and books are donated to partners for recycling or re-use.
Guest room amenity bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, are provided in single use portions and unused portions are donated to charity.
Donation of excess food banquet events to a local food bank when possible.

Energy efficient CFL lighting in guest rooms, meeting space and in hotel's public spaces where compatible.
Lighting, computers, and equipment in all areas are turned off when not in use.
Replace electronic equipment with high energy star efficient models where compatible.

Replacement of hazardous substances with less hazardous alternatives when possible.
Chemicals purchased in bulk or concentrate are purchased in lowest possible volume based on usage.
Storage of necessary hazardous items is monitored and mixing areas for concentrated products have adequate drainage and ventilation.
Use of environmentally preferable paints.
Proper disposal or recycling of hazardous products such as batteries, light bulbs, computer equipment, and toner cartridges.

Creation of policy to purchase in bulk when applicable and avoid single use products.
Minimization of disposable foodservice items.
Use Environmentally Preferable paper products with recycled content.
Partner with local vendors for local product supply when possible.
Pest control company held to uses integrated products which are environmentally friendly.
Reuse, refinish, reupholster durable goods such as furniture and fixtures for continued use or resale.
Elimination of Styrofoam in food and beverage services.
Elimination of offerings of threatened seafood species from our menus.
Guestroom keycards are made from recycled content.

Organic foods are an option if guest desires in Banquets.
Local food products are offered.
Paperless sales tools such as eMenus are available.
Sustainable green meeting options.
Tracking tool available for meeting planners to see their environmental meeting impact footprint.

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