Green Meetings

Green Meetings

Green and Sustainable Meetings in Denver

We are committed to doing the right thing for the environment, our guests, our meeting planners, and for the communities in which we operate. Sustainability is one of the key investments we have made at Starwood. We have created an integrated, holistic approach that carries through our hotel development, our operating principles, and our community partnerships. We are particularly excited to launch our Sustainable Meeting Practices. This program will help you meet your sustainability goals and it will help us reach ours. Thank you for your business and support which has allowed us to continue to innovate.

When planning your next meeting, go green and host your event in Denver. The Denver Convention & Visitors Bureau, is the first convention and visitors bureau in the world certified in a new international sustainability standard designed to promote responsible environmental and social practices in the events industry. The city and CVB's commitment to sustainable practices is first-ever for a destination.

Together with the city's certification, Sheraton Denver continues to support green and sustainable events making Denver the premiere choice when planning your next meeting.

Food and Beverage:

Sustainable Menu Offerings and elimination of the items noted as a Threatened Species
E-menu ordering system reduce paper waste
Lineless buffet tables and bars to reduce laundry and water contamination
Free flow wines on tap to reduce use of bottles in our venues
Composting of all food waste from banquet events, kitchen preparations and associate cafeteria; with an average of 546,000 pounds of food composted each year

Waste Minimization:

Recycling of all fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, wiring, telephones, and electronic equipment Recycling of fryer and cooking oil
Elimination of Styrofoam from entire hotel and introduction to compostable containers
Installation of trash monitoring system on the hotels compactors has resulted in reducing pulls by 50%The toilet paper is EPA compliant with a minimum of 20% recycled content
Executive Meeting Specialist and Banquet Captain teams use of I-pads for daily needs as opposed to copying all banquet event orders daily for reference

Energy Conservation:

Light bulbs have been switched out with CFL bulbs and LED fixtures
Through renovation in 2009 we reduced energy consumed by 1,194,815 kwh, diverting 679 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere
The Sheraton Denver Downtown received Xcel Energy 2011 Energy Management System Achievement Award for kwh reduction

* For groups of 100 attendees or larger, we can do an analysis of your group's carbon footprint to present to you after departure.

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