W Austin

200 Lavaca Street, Austin, Texas 78701 USA
+1 512-542-3600

Going Green

The W Austin is an eco-friendly hotel in Austin, where we’re keen to be green. At W Austin, you can indulge without checking your conscience at the door.  W Austin is part of Block 21, the first mixed-occupancy project of this type and size in the world to achieve LEED® certification. 

With nearly every facet of our hotel designed to support a sustainable future, we have perfected sophistication and sensational living down to a science. From exceptionally high percentages of sustainable, ecologically friendly and organic practices and verdant outdoor space to defy the conventions of urban concrete to incredibly efficient water and energy usage and in-room recycling, we are passionately committed to thinking green wherever and whenever possible.

Just How Green Are We?

Energy and Water Conservation
  • Low flow shower heads and low volume toilet
  • Light fixtures installed utilize compact fluorescent bulbs or tubes
  • Motion detectors to control lighting based on occupancy of given spaces
  • Variable speed drivers on all pumps & fans; motor run speed based on demand
  • State of the art thermostats in rooms; energy saving when unoccupied, uses motion detection
  • Kitchen exhaust is ‘cleaned’ before leaving the building with Pollution Control Units
  • 25-30% reduction on water consumption with LEED certified fixtures: Low flow shower heads and low volume toilet
Waste Minimization
  • Partnership with Texas Disposal Systems to haul and process all compostable, recyclable, and landfill materials for the entire mixed use building
  • Compost buckets and recycling bins are utilized in all kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and the employee cafeteria and all compostable and recyclable waste is separated, gathered, and deposited in the appropriate compactor
  • Recycling bins on front drive of hotel, in rooms and in public areas of banquet space
  • Concierge and Welcome desk uses electronic means of communicating directions, confirmations, folios and itineraries to guests rather than printing (unless requested)
  • Eliminated all most single serving packaging in restaurant and employee cafeteria
  • Collect used packing materials and keep at loading dock for reuse
Indoor Environmental Quality
  • All paint used in construction project & all repairs made after use low VOC paints.
  • We aimed to use low toxicity adhesives during build-out/maintenance
  • CO2 sensors installed throughout building to ensure there that if there is a buildup of CO2, the system will circulate fresh air into that area
  • Use of mercury free fluorescent lighting in all guest rooms & back of house areas
Raising Awareness Through Engagement with Hotel Talent and Guests
  • Active Green Council meets monthly to review green policy and talent education
  • Green Council tours TDS (Texas Disposal Systems) to learn firsthand where and how our landfill, composting and recycling materials are processes
  • Have appointed a Sustainability Champion
  • Provide lockable bicycle parking stations for talent and guests
  • Use of bicycles to guests
  • Offer guests shuttle services to special events such as football games, Formula One track, etc.
  • We offer use of pedi-cabs to ours guests as an alternative means of transportation

Make A Green Choice

Staying green is easy at W Austin - not to mention rewarding! For each day you decline housekeeping service, we'll reward you with 500 Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints® (except day of departure) redeemable for future stays at any Starwood hotel. To opt into the program, simply check the "Make a Green Choice" box (located in the Optional Information section) during the online booking process or request participation at check-in. Learn More about our green initiatives.

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