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Make a Green Choice at W Barcelona

W Barcelona is an eco-friendly hotel, where it’s cool to be green. At W Barcelona, you can indulge without leaving your conscience at the door.

With W Barcelona, you have chosen an awarded Llave Verde establishment. With this action, you are already contributing to the environmental care, without sacrificing quality service. Llave Verde tries to improve some aspects of your stay by reducing the use of harmful chemicals, improving the quality of the indoor environment and by offering organic and local produce food.

So what's a Green Key?

Llave Verde is an international program created in 1984 and managed by FEE, which gathers more than 2.300 different establishments in 44 countries. In Spain, it is responsible for the ADEAC program.

What's this about?

To stimulate, demonstrate and transmit good environmental practices in hotels such as:

Use of water and energy; waste treatment; Environmental purchasing policy and general administration. To contribute to the awareness raising, training and involvement of desirable values changes on attitudes and behaviours of all stakeholders in the tourism sector (institutions, tour operators, hotels, locals and tourists). in progress toward a more sustainable tourism and environment, promoting its networking.

Don’t worry, all of our eco-friendly hotel efforts take place behind the scenes. At W Barcelona you can feel good about your impact on the environment without sacrificing style or comfort. While keeping a Green Choice commitment, we have a continued our Whatever/Whenever service promise to providing luxurious, lifestyle experiences for our guests.

Make W Barcelona your luxury green hotel in Barcelona, and stay green, glamorous and global!

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