Hotel History of Marriott Syracuse Downtown

The Legacy Lives on in Our Restored Historic Hotel

Originally opened as The Hotel Syracuse in August 1924, the property was deemed 'The Grand Lady' being the largest and most prestigious hotel in Syracuse, NY. In the roaring twenties, Hotel Syracuse was the place to be. Five US Presidents stayed along with countless celebrities, including John Lennon, who celebrated his 30th birthday by staying an entire week. Paying homage to the legacy, our $75 million renovation focused on preserving the original grandeur of the hotel, which is evident today in all aspects of your stay. The hotel reopened in August 2016 as Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

The Grand Ballroom Restoration

The Grand Ballroom is one of the best known features of Hotel Syracuse and was restored to reflect its original form, where coutnless weddings, high school proms and mitzvahs were celebrated.

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The Persian Terrace Restoration

Originally named the Terrace room, the Persian Terrace’s original name was developed because the back half of the room is a step up from the front half. The restoration of the Persian Terrace was one of the most challenging jobs.

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Hotel Lobby Restoration

One step into our expansive lobby and you are immediately transported. From the tiles under your feet, to the details on the ceiling, history surrounds you.

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Guest Room Restoration

The door to your home away from home during your stay with us are the original doors that were used in our former life as Hotel Syracuse. While they have been restored and installed with today's technology, there is a very unique back story.

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Exterior Restoration

Eight 4,000 pound concrete statues of gargoyles sat over the hotel guarding the building and its guests for more than 90 years. Over the decades, the gargoyles had cracked and deteriorated and were not in the shape to restore. New replicas take their place to continue watching over the hotel.

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More Restorations

Eleven Waters Restoration

When the hotel first opened, the ground floor featured retail shops and outlets. Today, Eleven Waters, an Upstated inspired eatery, occupies the area that used to be a barbershop, which gave the name to 'The Barbershop Bar' at Eleven Waters.
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Shaughnessy's Restoration

A sports-friendly pub inspired by Ed Riley's long line of Irish Setters! Enjoy a great pub menu with a killer draft selection!
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