W Verbier

Rue de Médran 70, Verbier 1936 Switzerland
+41 27 472 88 88

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May, W Insider @ W Verbier

May shares the same passions as the W Hotels Worldwide: music, fashion and design are an integral part of her life and she is doing everything she can to stay fit. May takes her role as a W Insider close to her heart, she is always listening to customers’ feedback and their satisfaction is a priority.

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May is always on the cusp of what’s new⁄next in Verbier. She had pulled together her personal tips and exclusive insights to help make your experience even more spectacular.

Discover the incredible at W Luxury Hotel in Verbier

Welcome to the stunning, and of course, photogenic W Verbier. Take a peak at the hottest location in Verbier, where the fabulous views are just the beginning. Check out our selection of photos and videos. Verbier mixes style and sport amplifying every season, day and night. Get excited and share your experiences with #wverbier

Resident Dj At W Verbier

Adam Nova // Budapest

“When performing live, this is what I go through: heart pumping, passion spreads across the floor, harmony takes over... Impregnated by rhythm and sound. Volume up! If you feel just about the same when you listen to my sets and watch me play, then I am on the right track."
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